The SBU Faculty Profiles website is available to Stony Brook University faculty across all campuses. The new site is a single place where faculty can update and review their faculty profile. The site acts as the primary repository for several data points and aggregates data from other sources. NetID authentication is required to sign in to update a faculty profile.


  • contact and personal information
  • courses taught
  • research proposals submitted
  • grants received
  • scholarly outputs, such as publications, performances, and books
  • University and professional service
  • student mentorship
  • positions held at the University
  • honors and awards received
  • research interests and keywords
  • relevant funding opportunities


The new website can be reached at Your campus NetID and password are required to sign in to update your profile.

Data Sources

In addition to acting as the primary repository for several data points, the Faculty Profiles website aggregates data from several different sources.

About / General Information

Name, title, department, contact information, and identifiers come from PeopleSoft and are updated daily. Degrees come from PeopleSoft.  To correct any inaccuracies in the name, title, department, contact information, or identifiers listed above, please contact the Human Resources IS group at 2-1701.


Grants information comes from RFSUNY’s Oracle Business System. Data available 2001 onwards. All data updated daily. To correct any inaccuracies in grants data, please contact the Stony Brook Research Office at with the RF award number and your role on the award.


Proposal information comes from COEUS. Data available 2010 onward. Last updated July 9, 2013. To correct any inaccuracies in Proposals data, please contact the Stony Brook Research Office at with the COEUS proposal number and your role on the project.


Course information comes from PeopleSoft. Last updated Spring 2013. To correct any inaccuracies in course data, please contact your Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator.

Courses from East Campus’s CBASE are not currently available.


Publications can be added through this system. Some publications have been made available by Academic Analytics. Last updated Spring 2013. Publication information can be edited through the Faculty Profiles system.

Development Roadmap

The Faculty Profiles website is being developed in phases:

Phase 1 (Completed Summer 2013):

  • Replace Lotus Notes Faculty Addendum
  • Enable faculty to  enter and review data
  • Provide basic download of information
  • Provide basic summary of faculty activities
  • Enable Single Sign On
  • Allow faculty to delegate access to maintain profile
  • Import data from old Lotus Notes Addendum

Phase 2 (Fall 2013):

  • Identify more data sources (such as PubMed, IRB)
  • Add more data categories (such clinical data)
  • Improve usability and interface
  • Enable real-time data source integration
  • Provide more download options (NIH Biosketch, XML)
  • Integrate data with VIVO and campus data warehouse
  • Allow faculty to select data elements for public Web page view
  • Improve search
  • Improve data validation process
  • Improve collaboration tools
  • Turn on Web API for faculty Web pages and other integration projects

Phase 3 (Spring 2014):

  • Identify more data sources
  • Enable social media data feeds
  • Provide detailed self-service reports
  • Continue improving usability and interface
  • Enable data charts and analytics
  • Connect to eagle-i, ORCID ID, ResearcherID, and others (depending on availability of data sources)
  • Improve Web API

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