Getting Started with SOLAR

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Last Updated: July 10, 2015

To access SOLAR, you'll need your Stony Brook University ID and SOLAR password.

Stony Brook University ID

A Stony Brook University ID number is required to log in.


Employees find their ID number on the Stony Brook University ID card they are issued at the time of their hiring.


Prospective students are assigned a Stony Brook ID number when they apply to the University. When the Office of Admissions receives a completed student application, a Stony Brook ID number is sent to the applicant in a letter and an e-mail. Applicants who do not receive this number should check that they submitted a completed application before contacting the Undergraduate Admissions Office at (631) 632-6868 for further assistance.

Admitted students receive their Stony Brook ID number in their official letter of acceptance and during orientation. It also appears on their Stony Brook ID card which resident students receive when they check in to their residence hall for the first time and commuter students receive at Convocation.

SOLAR Password

SOLAR passwords are different from NetID passwords. If you're logging in to SOLAR for the first time, use your initial solar password. Also note that these passwords are case sensitive.

Logging in to SOLAR

  1. Go to
  2. For User ID, enter your Stony Brook University ID number 
  3. For Password, enter your SOLAR Password 
  4. Select Sign in

Signing out of SOLAR

To sign out, near the top right corner, select Sign out. Also note that your SOLAR session will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.


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