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SPSS is a statistical and data mining software package that allows you to analyze research data to make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes.

How to Obtain This Software


Stony Brook students can access SPSS at no charge from any of the TLT-managed SINC Sites on campus and the Virtual SINC Site.

If students are interested in renting their own six or 12-month licenses, they can go to OnTheHub.com for special academic discount options. Academic verification is required, so students must use an @stonybrook.edu email address when creating their OnTheHub.com account. Once their Stony Brook University academic affiliation is confirmed, students may rent and download the license that suits their needs. OnTheHub.com accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment.


SPSS is available at no charge to faculty, staff, and students through the Virtual SINC Site, or by direct download through Softweb

Commuter Licenses

Commuter licensing allows you to use a temporary network license for SPSS on a computer that is not connected to the Stony Brook network.  Commuter Licenses are available for 7 days, but using the following steps, you can extended the Commuter License to 30 days.  This has been tested on Windows (PC) clients ONLY.

In Windows (PC) on the SPSS client, edit: "C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\22\spssprod.inf"

Change "CommuterMaxLife=X" to "CommuterMaxLife=30"

Check out your Commuter License for 30 days

This Software is Available for Use in the Following Labs

Central Reading Room

- The Central Reading Room has 46 Windows PC's, 4 - Pharos Release Stations and 4 Scanners, supported by TLT/DoIT.
- Reading Room schedules reflect only TLT student assistants & printer availability
- Printers close down 30 minutes earlier than the Library schedule

North Reading Room CoLA - CLOSED

                                       North Reading Room is CLOSED 

Computer Science SINC Site

The Computer Science SINC Site has 33 Windows PC's, one printer with Pharos release station, one scanner and a teacher station connected to a data projector.

Engineering SINC Site

The Engineering SINC Site is a dedicated public lab with 39 Windows PCs, two printers one with a release station and the other as a walk-up printer and one scanner station.


The ESS SINC Site is a dedicated classroom with no public hours. It has 25 Windows PC's, one printer setup for direct printing and a teaching station connected to dual data projectors.

Harriman Hall SINC Site

The Harriman Hall SINC Site has 30 Windows PCs and a teaching station connected to a data projector. It also has a scanner and a printer with a Pharos release station.

Humanities SINC Site

The Humanities SINC Site has 25 PC's and a teacher station connected to a data projector. It also has a printer with Pharos release station and a scanner.

Life Sciences SINC Site

The Life Sciences SINC Site has 25 Windows PCs, and one teacher station connected to a data projector. It also includes a printer with release station and a scanner.

Math SINC Site

The Math SINC Site has 45 Linux PC's and a teacher station connected to a data projector. A printer is available next door in the Math CoLA.

Melville Library SINC Site

The Melville Library SINC Site has 105 Windows PCs with six scanners, 20 iMacs with two scanners. It also has four printers with release stations and we have five walk-up PC Printing stations and 1 walk-up MAC Printing Station. A consultant is always available to assist with technical and printing issues.

North Reading Room

TLT supported computers and printers are available in the North Reading first floor.

Social and Behavioral Sciences SINC Site

The Social and Behavioral Sciences SINC Site is broken up into two rooms. The classroom has 28 Windows PCs and a teacher station connected to a data projector. The classroom also has a scanner available. The forward room has seven Windows PCs and one Pharos printer with release station.

Sports Complex SINC Site

The Sports Complex SINC Site (Goldstein Center)  has 24 Windows PC's and a printer.

Tabler Digital Arts Media Lab

The Tabler Digital Arts Media Lab has 21 iMacs, an Epson scanner, one teacher station and a Xerox Phaser 5500 duplex printer.

Request Support

In order to ensure your request gets routed to the right group, all issues related to obtaining, installing or using this software must be submitted through the ITSM System.

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