Microsoft Windows 8 Professional

Microsoft Windows 8 is a software operating system released by Microsoft in October 2012.



How to Obtain This Software


Students can download a Microsoft Windows 8 Professional upgrade at no additional cost from Stony Brook's website. The software can be installed one time as part of the University's Microsoft Campus Agreement, but can only be installed on a computer that already has a Windows operating system.

After logging in with a Stony Brook NetID, students may add Microsoft Windows to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. After completing the purchase, students will be directed to an order summary page where the Windows product key will appear. It is recommended that the product key be saved and/or emailed as a backup should Windows ever need to be reinstalled. Click the "Download" button and follow the prompts to complete the download. Once the download completes you may install Microsoft Windows.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty/staff may download Microsoft Windows 8 Professional for work-at-home use from Stony Brook's website for a nominal fee ($9.75). After logging in to the OnTheHub website with a Stony Brook NetID and NetID password, faculty/staff may add Microsoft Windows to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout. After completing the purchase, faculty/staff will receive a confirmation email followed by an email that includes the download link. Click the download link and save the software installer to your computer. Once the download completes you may install Microsoft Windows.

Please note that Microsoft Windows 8 is not yet being supported on University-owned computers. Faculty/staff who choose to install Windows 8 on their personal computers will need to consult Microsoft Support for assistance.

Request Support

In order to ensure your request gets routed to the right group, all issues related to obtaining, installing or using this software must be submitted through the ITSM System.

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