Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a multitrack audio recording and editing tool, useful for mixing video productions, podcasts, etc. 

This Software is Available for Use in the Following Labs

Fine Arts eMedia SINC Site

The Fine Arts eMedia SINC Site has 22 Apple Mac Pros, M-AUDIO Oxygen25 MIDI keyboards, M-AUDIO FireWire Solo Audio Interfaces, Audix OM2 microphones, stereo headphones, 5 Epson scanners with 1 large format scanner, Video Ingest Stations (VHS, S-VHS, Mini-DV, DV, DVCAM), Wacom tablets, a teacher station, data projector and a Pharos printer.

Fine Arts Hybrid SINC Site

The Fine Arts Hybrid SINC Site has 21 Apple iMacs, M-AUDIO KeyStudio 49i MIDI keyboards, Korg Kontrol Slim-Line USB controllers, Microphones, stereo headphones, Wacom tablets, Epson scanners, a teacher station, data projector and a Pharos printer.

Melville Library SINC Site

- The Melville Library SINC Site has 105 windows pcs with 6 scanners, 20 iMacs with 4 scanners.
- There are 4 printers with a pharos release station.  
- Plus 5 Windows walk-up PC’s with direct printing and 1 walk-up Mac printing station.
- A consultant is always available to assist with technical and printing issues.




Physics SINC Site

The Physics SINC Site has 12 Mac PC's, one Smartboard and one printer with a Pharos release station.