Adobe Acrobat Pro X

Adobe Acrobat Pro is software that creates and manages dynamic forms, delivers professional documents and easily allows for the exporting of data for analysis and reporting.

How to Obtain This Software

Personal Student, Faculty/Staff Purchase

Students, Faculty and Staff can make a personal purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud from:

How do I make an Institutional Purchase of an Adobe Product?

Adobe License Types: Perpetual and Subscription

Perpetual: For some Adobe products - including Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe Captivate, Adobe ColdFusion family, and Adobe Photoshop Elements - we can still purchase perpetual products from Adobe. 

Subscription: For other Adobe products - Adobe Stock and Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro) - Adobe no longer offers perpetual license support and has moved to a subscription-based licensing model.

For Adobe Creative Cloud, DoIT now manages the purchase of named user licenses for faculty and staff, which allows users to get better prices, currently $161.25 per year. 

Making a Purchase

When you want to purchase an Adobe product, start by determining which product you want to purchase.

  1. For Adobe Creative Cloud, see purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud as an Adobe Named User License 

  2. For other Adobe products

    1. If you’re not sure which purchase option(s) (perpetual vs subscription) is available for the Adobe product you’re interested in, contact a current Adobe vendor to learn options (see current vendors below).

    2. For subscription purchases, have your VIP number ready. Contact your department IT support person for more information on VIP numbers.

    3. For perpetual purchases, have this CLP number ready: CLP# 4400871814 (the CLP number allows you to get the best price*)

    4. Request a quote:

      1. If the order is $2,499 or less, request at least one quote from current Adobe vendors (see current vendors below), and then complete the service request form in Wolfmart selecting the NY State IT Umbrella Contract. Then the purchase order will be processed.

      2. If the order is $2,500 or more, request at least one quote from current Adobe vendors and then complete the service request form in Wolfmart. These orders need to be processed following NYS IT Umbrella distributor based contract requirements: A formal RFQ (Request for Quotation) will be send to all authorized Adobe resellers for quotes (the purchase procedure will take longer because of the RFQ process). Contact Procurement (2-6010) if you have any questions.

Current Adobe Vendors

*The new SUNY Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) Education Membership Agreement 4400871814 is effective 11/02/2021 through 11/01/2023. The CLP is a flexible volume licensing program offered through Adobe Volume Licensing. The CLP applies the same discount (level 3 - highest available) to all of Member’s and its Affiliates’ qualified Adobe software purchases.  It enables all the SUNY institutions to purchase products such as Captivate, Cold Fusion and Presenter which are still available as perpetual licenses at a significant savings. Be sure to include the new SUNY CLP Agreement 4400871814 with all quote requests. 

This Software is Available for Use in the Following Labs

Melville Library - Central Reading Room

- The Central Reading Room has 46 available Windows PC's,  4 available printers with Pharos Release Stations supported by DoIT.
- Reading Room schedules reflect only DoIT student assistants & printer availability
- Printers close down 30 minutes earlier than the Library schedule

Melville Library - North Reading Room

The Melville Library -  North Reading Room has 42 available Windows PC's, 3 available Pharos Release Stations and 2 Scanners, supported by DoIT.




Melville Library SINC Site

- The Main Library SINC Site has 72 Windows PCs with 6 scanners, 20 iMacs with 2 scanners.
- There are 4 available printers with a pharos release station.  
- Plus 5 available Windows walk-up PC’s with direct printing and 1 walk-up Mac printing station.
- A Consultant is always available to assist with technical and printing issues.


    ***Main Library SINC Site will CLOSE as of the end of the day on May 6, 2022

Main Library SINC Site will remain CLOSED until the Fall ’22 semester for renovations.



Sports Complex SINC Site

The Sports Complex SINC Site (Goldstein Center)  has 24 Windows PC's and one printer with a Pharos release station.

Request Support

In order to ensure your request gets routed to the right group, all issues related to obtaining, installing or using this software must be submitted through the ITSM System.

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