Technologies for Delivering your Course Content

By: Diana Voss
Last Updated: December 19, 2018

Did you know CELT provides a variety of tools that you and your students can use for teaching and learning?

We can help you find ways to:

  • deliver content
  • foster student to student and faculty to student interaction both in real time and asynchronously
  • deliver both formal and informal assessments

We realize it's not always as good as "being there" but it can help you start or maintain student engagement while remaining safe and warm.  We are providing a few simple samples for you to consider and would welcome a detailed conversation to help you find solutions that best meet your needs.

Please click on the images to access the websites.


1.  Lecture Recording:

Did you know that you can record lectures from your computer?  Echo Personal Capture for Windows and Universal Capture for Mac is available for you as part of our site wide Echo360 license. 

To download this software to your computer, login to with your address and use your NETID and password when prompted.  Please note you will need a webcamera and microphone to complete this activity.  


2. Virtual Office Hours / Web meetings:


Faculty who would like to conduct office hours or live discussions with students virtually can utilize Adobe Connect.  There is an Adobe Connect meeting room in every Blackboard course or you can access your meeting room directly.  You and your students will see your course as soon as you log in.  Instructors who have class sizes larger than 30 students, kindly contact TLT so we can discuss methods of managing virtual classrooms.

If you have a small class (15 or less), we suggest you explore Google Hangouts ... you and your students can participate in video calls and screen share.


3.  Interactive Collaboration & Sharing:


If you were unable to have a discussion in your class about an artifact (such as a video, photograph) , you can use VoiceThread so your students can have a virtual discussion (they have the option of recording their voice).  VoiceThread integrates with Blackboard.

Google Docs can be used for brainstorming sessions as well as group projects.  LucidChart (also a Google App) is available for creating flow charts, story boards and creating other diagrams.


Please contact CELT to learn of other ways that we can help.

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