Stony Brook University is a member of the SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) and the SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC). As an active member of both organizations, Stony Brook receives a number of professional development "points" that may be used by SB employees to pay for the cost of registration to SUNY CPD-sponsored academic program events and SUNY ITEC technical training events.

SUNY CPD Programs

Skill and Knowledge Development

SUNY CPD programs are for skill and knowledge development in various instructional technologies/software, and teaching and learning areas. These are usually held in the form of conferences, workshops, online events and trainings, including the annual SUNY Conference on Instructional Technologies (CIT). 


SUNY ITEC programs include training in Web development tools, operating systems, database products, programming, project management, data migration techniques, network security, and network/system administration tools. These are also usually held in the form of workshops, online events and trainings, including the annual SUNY Technology Conference (STC). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for SUNY CPD or ITEC Points?

Stony Brook employees may request use of SUNY CPD or ITEC points when filling out an online registration payment form for either a SUNY CPD or ITEC event. Simply select "Use CPD Points for Payment" or "Use ITEC Points for Payment" on the online registration form.

All requests for CPD points will be reviewed by Stony Brook's Teaching, Learning + Technology (TLT) staff and approved if sufficient points are available. All requests for ITEC points will be reviewed by Stony Brook's Project Management and Support Office and approved if sufficient points are available. After the request has been reviewed, the employee will receive a notice from either SUNY CPD or SUNY ITEC indicating how many points have been applied toward the registration fee.

Please note that neither travel, lodging, or meals are covered by these points. Before requesting points, employees should be committed to attending the event and should familiarize themselves with the refund, cancellation and substitution policies.

Stony Brook reserves the right to hold a number of points for use at specific events such as the annual SUNY Technology Conference and points will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. The University may require participants to pay a portion of the registration fee. Pre-conference fees, meals, travel and lodging are excluded. Any additional fees required by the participant will be noted at registration. Before requesting to use CPD or ITEC points, employees should seek funding from other sources including departmental funds, union grants, program scholarships, etc. Priority will be given to individuals who have not previously received points during the current academic year.

  • Questions about SUNY CPD Points? Contact Patricia Aceves, Director of the Faculty Center in Teaching, Learning + Technology at (631) 632-2780
  • Questions about SUNY ITEC points? Contact Terry O'Connell in DoIT's Project Management and Support Office at (631) 632-4680

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