Sparky (UNIX)

Sparky is a UNIX-based system that Computer Science classes used for programming projects and some students & faculty used for personal (or class) websites that require scripting functionality. 

The system was retired in March 2021. Those who need access to their old files may submit a service request.

Looking for another option?

Web hosting options that DoIT offers to Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni!


ePortfolios, powered by Digication, are a type of digital portfolio to document professional development and establish a positive online presence. With an ePortfolio, Students, Faculty, and Staff can create online archives of their acheivements, professional experience, academic work, personal hobbies and more. ePortfolios can be used as an extension of a resume to market yourself to prospective employers, are easy to use, and free to Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni. 

DoIT hosts public workshops throughout the year for initial set up, best practices, and long-term uses of the service as well! 


Digication ePortfolios

SB You

SB You is a web publishing platform powered by WordPress that lets you quickly create professional-looking websites. Students, Faculty, and Staff can create a single site or as many as they want for a variety of purposes such as course information, team activities or personal blogs and portfolios. SB You blogs use a WYSIWYG editor, and are free to Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni.

SB You

Google Sites

Google Sites is an online application that makes it easy to host personal websites, especially for people who need quick, up-to-date access, with limited or zero Web development expertise. Google Sites is free to all Students, Faculty, and Staff with an active Google Apps for Education account. 

Google Sites

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