Humanities SINC Site

- The Humanities SINC Site has 25 PC's and a teacher station connected to a data projector and one printer with a Pharos release station and a scanner.
                    **The Humanities SINC Site is a dedicated computer classroom with no public hours.
- The Humanties Lounge, Rm. 1024, on the first floor has 15 DoIT supported Windows PC's and one printer with a Pharos release station.  

Lab Details


Location: Humanities Building, Rm. 2046


Hours Not Available


Pharos Printer, Pharos Release Station, Scanner, Whiteboard, Windows

Humanities Lounge - 1st floor

                                                                                     TLT Consultant will be available in the Humanities Lounge, First Floor:
                                                                                                             Consultants will return in the Fall 2018
                                                                  If the printer needs service please place a ticket @