Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is a web-based program that allows students to build their Stony Brook class schedules much quicker and easier.

About the Student Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is a web-based program that allows students to build their Stony Brook class schedules much quicker and easier.

What is Schedule Builder?

Students select the classes they wish to take and Schedule Builder shows them all the possible schedule options -- all at the click of a button.

Who Can Use Schedule Builder?

All Stony Brook students, orientation leaders, and advisors.

Where do I Start?

Schedule Builder can be found in SOLAR under “Student Records & Registration”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for classes by SBC category?

Yes, you can filter down your course selections based on SBC requirements.

Can I schedule breaks when I am unable or don’t want to take classes?

Schedule Builder has a feature for entering breaks.  This feature allows you to block off times where you are unable to take classes (such as work obligations). Schedule Builder will generate schedules excluding these times. 

Be careful about entering too many breaks, as that may result in a schedule with multiple conflicts.  It's best to first enter only the most essential breaks, and then make adjustments/additions based upon the number of schedule options generated.​​​​​

Where can I get help with Schedule Builder?

Information for Schedule Builder such as video tutorials and technical support can be found at

Will Schedule Builder save my information if I close my browser?

Yes. Schedule Builder remembers your search filters as well as your desired courses including locking and/or selecting preferred sections from your desired courses.

Can I go back to Schedule Builder and make changes to my schedule?

Yes.  Schedule Builder can easily be accessed through the Add Classes Link from your Enrollment Page.  Schedule Builder will populate any classes you have officially enrolled in as well as any classes from your enrollment shopping cart.  TIP: Remove undesired classes from your enrollment shopping cart regularly.

Will I still be able to use SOLAR’s build-in class search?

Yes.  All other class search engines such as SOLAR class search and SB Class Find are still available for your use.

How do I register for classes once my schedule is created?

Once you have found the perfect schedule, simply click on the Send to Shopping Cart button from your Schedule Builder.  Return to your SOLAR and click on Import Cart under the Add Classes page.  A full video tutorial for this and other Schedule Builder features can be found at

Will Schedule Builder tell me if I meet the requirements for a class?

Enrollment requirements such as pre/co requisites, department consent, and/or reserves can be found under the class details.  It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to be successful in your course enrollment selections.

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