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SBConnect is a powerful system used for online collaboration and Web conferencing.  It is available at Stony Brook University for departments and courses, and is managed and provided by the Teaching, Learning + Technology Department (TLT).  With SBConnect, you can communicate ideas by sharing your desktop, virtual whiteboards, documents, powerpoint presentations and video files; using a webcam, microphone and/or chat window.  These sessions can be recorded as podcasts or on-demand sessions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into SBConnect?

To access SBConnect, you will need to visit this website.  From there, you will need to log in using your NetID and NetID password.  After that, you will be redirected to a list of SBConnect rooms that you have access to.  You might have to enable Flash before you can access this page. To access a specific SBConnect room, hover over its name and click the "paper plane" icon all the way to the right.  Please note that some rooms require a host (i.e. an instructor) to be online.

How do I get started with SBConnect?

SBConnect rooms are automatically created and set up for courses taught at Stony Brook University, but if you would like to have a separate SBConnect room created, please see request an SBConnect room.

To edit the information and settings for a particular meeting, hover over the meeting's name and click the pencil icon to the right of the screen. For more information on this page click here.

If you are looking to use SBConnect for any reason, please click here to view Adobe's Quick Start guide for SB Connect. This document will show you how to join meetings, set up your audio, set up your webcam, and use the chat feature. Additionally, you might be asked to download the Adobe Connect desktop application. Some features are not supported in the browser version and require the desktop application. For more information on it, click here

How do I optimize my computer for SBConnect?

SBConnect is an complex program that will strain your computer with prolonged use.  To optimize your SBConnect experience, following these points:

1. Use a wired connection for best results.  Wireless or intermittent connections are not recommended.

2. Close any non-essential network applications (instant messaging, browser, etc.) running in the background.  This will reduce the stress on the network.

3. Use the Adobe Connect desktop application and not a web browser.  This enables VoIP and other screen-sharing features.

4. Set the video quality to a lower setting. This allows the application to perform better over slower connections.

  • To do this, click Meeting Preferences Video

5. Lower the screen share quality.

  • To do this, click Meeting > Preferences > Screen Share

6. When not in use, pause the camera to conserve bandwith.

7. Start the Audio Setup Wizard every time you start a new SBConnect session.  This adjusts the microphone for ambient noise/silence levels. It can be found under MeetingAudio Setup Wizard.

8. When sharing PowerPoint slides, it is best to upload them into the Share Pod rather than viewing the slides on your computer and sharing your screen.  Also, please convert any .pptx files to .ppt before uploading.

9. When screen-sharing, remember to share your entire desktop and try to have a solid-color background. This makes it easier for the participants to see what you're sharing. 

Who has access to SBConnect?

Since SBConnect is used primarily for University functions, a majority of users will be either Stony Brook University Students, Faculty or Staff members.  If guest access is enabled, then people without active NetIDs will be permitted to participate in SBConnect rooms, provided that the users have the necessary URL to the meeting.

How do I turn on guest access in SBConnect?

If your SBConnect room has already been created, you can turn on Guest Access by going to Meeting > Manage Meeting Information Edit Information and clicking the radio button that says "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room."


If you are submitting the form to have an SBConnect room created on your behalf, then make sure that "anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room" is selected on the form.

How do I request an SBConnect Room?

All Stony Brook Courses have an SB Connect room.  It is accessible via  Blackboard or Instructors can log in directly at:


Faculty and Staff members  who need to utilize SBConnect for things such as web conferences, department meetings, etc. can submit a request by filling out this form.  The form allows you to set the permission levels for your SBConnect room (i.e. allowing guest access for those that do not have a NetID) as well as give others at Stony Brook University control over your SBConnect room.

How do I find my SBConnect (Adobe Connect) Recordings?

Find the link to your SBConnect recordings in Meeting Information:

  1. In a web browser, go to and sign in with your NetID and NetID password
  2. In My Meetings, find the Meeting your recording was made in and hold your mouse over it; toward the left, click the pencil, Edit button
  3. The Meeting Information will open in a new window
  4. Click Recordings, select the checkbox to the left of the recording you want to share, and click Access Type
  5. To allow anyone with the link to view the recording, select Public (optionally select Set Passcode to create a passcode users will need to enter to view the recording), and click Save

  6. Back in Recordings, click the underlined name of the recording (e.g., PPT to MP4)

  7. The URL is listed next to URL for Viewing. Copy it to share.

Learn about more recording options:

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