Research Technologies will bridge the gaps between the research community and the IT community to make changes in time, energy, and resources.  Research Technologies will be the innovator of technical resources for the research community at Stony Brook University.

You can DoIT with us, we create possibilities.

Research Technologies has a goal of focusing on assisting the research community with various technologies.  Our plan is to listen, collaborate and enhance the technologies on the campus to properly assist all researchers meet their research goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how we can assist with streamlining your research.


David Ecker, Director Research Technologies

Ecker is a Stony Brook graduate who previously served as the Interim Director/Manager of Client Support (Customer Engagement and Support) for over 10 years and led the Project 50 Managed Output initiative. He focuses on strategic planning, partnering with researchers and developing best practices for the research community. David brings a background from management, client interactions, and system management to this role. David is a technology guy at heart always fond of exploring the newest technologies that will further the needs of the Higher Education. He received his M.S. from Stony Brook in Technological Systems Management where he teaches Management for Engineers in the department. He can be reached at david.ecker"at"

Under the supervision of Ecker, Research Technologies is entirely staffed by a team of skilled students from all shapes, interests, and backgrounds, whose aim is to function as the liaison between the Research community on campus and the technological services available. We are always ready to help address any concerns you have.  

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