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DUO Security Two-Factor Authentication

DUO Security Two-Factor Authentication is used to protect your account, even if your password is stolen. It will be deployed over time to users of sensitive systems at Stony Brook University.

What is the Purpose of DUO Security?

Two-factor authentication is used to protect your account, even if your password is stolen. It will be deployed over time to users of sensitive systems at Stony Brook University. 


After entering your password into a system that is protected by DUO, it will ask you to authenticate using a device such as a mobile phone or landline.


Two-factor can be used to protect any type of account, but the implementation is going to be gradual. 

Using DUO Security Two-Factor Authentication

Systems Protected By DUO

DUO will challenge users during the login process if they are defined as a DUO user and the service is protected by DUO. 

DUO Protected Systems (as of Aug. 17, 2015)
Citrix VPN 
RDP Gateway Connections

Signing Up for DUO Security

If you use a system protected by DUO and have not yet registered, you will be sent a unique enrollment link or be set up by a DUO administrator. 


Activating DUO Mobile

Learn how to set up DUO mobile on your smart phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a DUO enrollment link. How do I enroll?

See https://guide.duosecurity.com/enrollment for step by step instructions on how to enroll in DUO Security.

It’s preferable to complete the enrollment process from a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet.

Always enroll at least two devices.

After I sign up for DUO Security, what can I expect to see?

If you login to a system protected by DUO, you will see a DUO authentication prompt after you enter your username and password. https://guide.duosecurity.com/prompt

What do I do if I forgot my DUO registered phone at home?

 If you have a second device registered, such as a landline, you can use that to authenticate for the day.

If not, call 2-9800 or open a ticket via the ITSM and you will be granted a temporary bypass code by a DUO administrator.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

DUO can call your mobile phone or landline without the DUO smartphone app. It can also text you a group of codes. If you have a tablet, you can install the DUO app on a tablet.

What is the best way to authenticate using DUO?

Using DUO push via the DUO app is recommended.

How do I add or remove devices?

You can add or remove devices through the DUO self-service portal.

Simply login to one of the services protected by DUO, and press the “Manage Devices” button. https://guide.duosecurity.com/manage-devices

Where can I learn more about DUO Security?

Please visit https://guide.duosecurity.com/ for screenshots and extensive documentation on how to use DUO.

I lost my phone. What should I do?

Call 2-9800 or open a ticket via the ITSM so your phone can be deleted from your DUO account.

What if I receive an unexpected login request from DUO?

If you recieve an unexpected login request from DUO, press DENY and go reset your password.

This could indicate that somebody tried to login using your username and password and DUO successfully prevented them from doing so.

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