Web Services


Blogs empower digital expression, active learning, and collaboration. They are easy to set up, edit, and maintain and may include images, presentations, links, videos, podcasts and more. 

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students


ContentDM is Stony Brook University's online digital library.

For Use By: Faculty, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

Digication ePortfolios

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

Drupal Content Management System

Since 2012, DoIT has been experimenting with the Drupal content management system hosted in the Acquia Cloud. The DoIT website was the first site on campus to move to this environment. Other sites that have moved here, or are in the process of moving to Drupal in the cloud, include The Faculty Center, Career Center, Institute for Advanced Computational Science, Linguistics, and Undergraduate Colleges.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

Faculty Profiles

The SBU Faculty Profiles website is available to Stony Brook University faculty across all campuses. The new site is a single place where faculty can update and review their faculty profile. The site acts as the primary repository for several data points and aggregates data from other sources. NetID authentication is required to sign in to update a faculty profile.

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff

Google Apps

Google Apps for Education is the primary email system for everyone at Stony Brook University except Hospital employees and members of the School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. Stony Brook's Google Apps suite of products includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Sites, Groups, Hangouts and a host of other applications to enhance communication and collaboration across campus.

For Use By: Clubs, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

OmniUpdate Content Management System

The Web Services team in the Office of Marketing and Communications provides training and support for the OU Campus Content Management System. A series of responsive page templates branded in the Stony Brook look and feel have been designed to give non-technical administrative personnel the ability to quickly update content without having to be a graphic designer or programmer. 

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

SB You

SB You is a web publishing platform powered by WordPress that lets you quickly create professional-looking websites. Faculty, staff and students can create a single site or as many as they want for a variety of purposes such as course information, team activities or personal blogs and portfolios.

For Use By: Clubs, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online (or Sites which is part of the University's Office 365 application suite) provides collaborative websites for groups such as research teams, committees, and course-related activities. While DoIT encourages students, faculty, and staff to first investigate Google Drive or Google Sites to handle collaborative projects among teams, SharePoint is certainly a viable alternative.  SharePoint is HIPAA and export compliant.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students


VoiceThread is a web-based application that allows you to place media artifacts such as images, presentations, videos and documents and have an asynchronous discussion around it. A VoiceThread lets people interact with various content and their peers by allowing comments using any mix of text, microphone, webcam, drawing tools, telephone, or uploaded audio file. VoiceThread is also accessable and made to be compatible with screen reader technology at: http://voicethread.com/universal/.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)


Yammer is Stony Brook's internal social network. It is an online environment for discussion and conversation. It can help you get work done and to support teamwork and collaboration across the institution.

For Use By: Clubs, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants (TA's)