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Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a digital method of interacting with students in such a way that their instruction is guided by algorithms, resulting in a personalized path of assessment and lessons.  It is available for many different subjects and at various levels of difficulty. Typically, it enables a student to target areas in which they require further study, while also identifying course content whose learning objectives have been fully reached.  Stony Brook University embraces an assortment of adaptive learning tools in order to further empower students and instructors for success during the academic year.   Image via

For Use By: Faculty, Students, Teaching Assistants


Blackboard is Stony Brook University's learning management system (LMS), which allows instructors to supplement face-to-face classes, or launch online classes. Blackboard includes a variety of features that allow instructors to do anything from uploading course documents, to posting an announcement, to collecting and grading assignments. For students, Blackboard offers an easy way to contact instructors, download and access course documents, and check grades.

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For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants


Stony Brook University utilizes Turning Technologies' polling clickers for interactive, wireless, student responses in classrooms and large lecture halls. TurningPoint Cloud allows instructors to float a poll bar above any application, and gives the ability to track each student's performance data generated during a lesson or team activity. This tracking produces student and class performance reports with respect to lessons.

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ContentDM is Stony Brook University's online digital library.

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Course Evaluations (Faculty & Admin)

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Course Evaluations - Student Information

Stony Brook University highly values student feedback and is committed to maintaining the quality education it provides through the course evaluation process. By offering information and feedback to instructors, Stony Brook students directly contribute to the improvement of courses and teaching practices at the University.

For Use By: Students

Digication ePortfolios

ePortfolios, powered by Digication, are a type of digital portfolio utilized by students and faculty to document their professional development and establish a positive online presence. With an ePortfolio, students and faculty can create online archives of their achievements, professional experience, academic work, personal hobbies and more. ePortfolios can be used as an extension of a resume to market yourself to prospective employers.

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants

Echo360 Lecture Capture

Commonly referred to as Echo, Echo360 is a versatile and reliable system that automatically captures lectures and converts classroom voice, video, and visual-aids into high-quality media files. These media files can be accessed online from devices such as tablets, phones, and computers. Instructors can also utilize Universal Capture (Personal), which allows them to record from their own computers.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants

Google Apps

Google Apps for Education is the primary email system for everyone at Stony Brook University except Hospital employees and members of the School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. Stony Brook's Google Apps suite of products includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Sites, Groups, Hangouts and a host of other applications to enhance communication and real-time collaboration across campus.

For Use By: Clubs, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants

Google Drive

Google Drive provides a single place to store, create, sync, and share documents, files, and folders of all types.  Access files anywhere - at your desk, from home, or on a mobile device. 

For Use By: Clubs, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants

Media Conversions & Duplications

The TLT Multimedia Lab has a duplication machine that is capable of doing short-run DVD duplication of up to 50 DVD/CDs at a time as well as format conversions. Faculty who supply the media may use the machine for free. The lab also has the capability of self-service, short-run tape duplications (VHS MiniDV).

For Use By: Faculty, Staff

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a collaborative, cloud-based storage, communication and applications solution provided by Microsoft. Office 365 is HIPAA and Export Control compliant.  

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants


Stony Brook University is a NERCOMP Member NERCOMP cultivates communities of practice around information and technology, promotes strategic partnerships, and advances innovation and leadership in educational institutions across the Northeastern United States.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff

Plagiarism Protection - SafeAssign

SafeAssign is software built into the Blackboard learning management system which checks several sources for potential plagiarism. SafeAssign helps instructors make informed decisions about reporting students for academic dishonesty.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff


Qualtrics is a hosted survey and research tool that Stony Brook University has subscribed to in order to conduct quality surveys with the end result of collecting and analyzing data. It is available to all students, faculty, and staff who have an active NetID.

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Research Computing

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SINC Sites

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Teaching and Learning Lab

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Virtual SINC Site

The Virtual SINC Site provides a way for students, faculty, and staff members to access site-licensed, academic software titles directly from their personal computers from either on or off campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can also use the Virtual SINC Site to access the Print From Anywhere service using any device or operating system. Announcement - Virtual SINC Site now requires DUO 2-Step Login.  

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants


VoiceThread is a web-based application that allows you to place media artifacts such as images, presentations, videos and documents and have an asynchronous discussion around it. 

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants