Campus Television Service

Apogee is Stony Brook University's cable television provider. Resident students also have access to HBO Go.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students


Stony Brook has enabled Eduroam, the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. 

For Use By: Faculty, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants


DoIT offers an eFax service that allows users to receive faxes (via e-mail) using any personal computer, laptop, or wireless device connected to the Internet.

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff


HBO GO provides on-campus student residents with instant, unlimited access to HBO programming anytime, anywhere at no extra charge.

For Use By: Students

Infrastructure Cabling

Network Services provides the cabling infrastructure for the University which serves all voice, data, and television needs. This includes indoor station cabling (jacks) and outdoor, underground feeds. All requests for service should be directed to Customer Engagement and Support.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students

InterCall Teleconference Services

InterCall is Stony Brook's preferred vendor for teleconference servcies. A reservationless teleconferencing system, InterCall combines flexibility with powerful and easy-to-use features. It supplies operator-assisted services to those individuals requiring larger or more high-profile teleconferences. The service is available 24/7 and can accommodate up to 125 people per conference.

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff

Malware Shield

Stony Brook's Data Network Services and IT Security teams added additional security to the campus network during the summer of 2010. A network name server was implemented to check the URLs of websites that users on campus visit against a list of known distributors of malware. Instead of visiting a site that is known to be a distributor of malware, the Web browser is redirected to a malware shield (Web page) which advises users why the site they are trying to reach may have been flagged as being potentially harmful.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students

Network (Wired)

Each campus residence is equipped with a wired network connection. In addition, there are several locations on campus where public jacks are available for use.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students

NYSERNet and Internet2

Stony Brook offers researchers high-capacity, high-speed connections to the Internet as a member of NYSERNet and Internet2.

For Use By: Faculty, Researchers, Staff

Phone Directory and People Search

DoIT feeds information from PeopleSoft and other systems into the campus phone directory and people search online directory. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), student data is not accessible from Stony Brook's People Search tool, only that of faculty, staff, and emeritus.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students

Telephone Systems

Stony Brook University currently uses Windstream (formerly Paetec) as its telephone service provider and Unify for its equipment and connectivity needs. Network Services is responsible for installing, changing, or removing phone lines, but all requests for service need to go through Customer Engagement and Support.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students

TV Broadcast & Distribution

DoIT's TLT Educational Technologies department maintains the local origination system for both the residential and hospital cable TV system in accordance with the Policy on Use of Campus Cable Television System. Each system has locally-originated channels (see channel lineup below) that includes satellite, electronic bulletin board, and video playback systems. Most of the residential channels are programmed by other departments, but run through the Educational Technologies system. Educational Technologies is not responsible for other programming (purchasing entertainment or news channels) or transmission (reception problems). Students experiencing problems with reception or concerns about non-locally originated programming should contact their RHD.

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Stony Brook University's new telephone system will begin rolling out to the campus community in May 2016.

For Use By: Clubs, Faculty, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants


Stony Brook's virtual private network (VPN) allows access to certain Stony Brook applications, resources, and services from off-campus.   NOTE:  The VPN requires a Stony Brook email address and 2-Step login prior to downloading and installing the VPN.  

For Use By: Faculty, Staff, Students


WolfieNet-Secure is Stony Brook University's recommended wireless network on West Campus, Southampton, Manhattan, and parts of East Campus. It is available to all faculty, students, and staff. New locations continue to be added as wireless technology and equipment continues to be upgraded and enhanced in order to handle the growing number of devices seeking to connect to the network. For visitors to the University, WolfieNet-Guest is the recommended network to use.

For Use By: Faculty, Guests, Researchers, Staff, Students, Teaching Assistants