Blackboard is an online learning management system (LMS) that allows instructors to post course materials for students.  Through Blackboard, instructors can distribute documents, collect assignments, set up discussion boards and even administer online exams.

Although Blackboard course enrollment usually rolls over from SOLAR, instructors, course builders and teaching assistants have the ability to make changes to the list of users that have access to their course.  In addition, instructors have the ability to show/hide their course entirely, giving them the ability to customize their course without allowing students to see each and every change.

For more information on the following Blackboard features, click the corresponding link.

User Management Enroll/Remove users and change roles!
Turning "On" Your Course Make your Course available to students!

Instructors that need help maintaining their course on Blackboard can contact TLT's Blackboard Support Team by calling (631) 632-2777 or by emailing


Blackboard Support Team