Accessibility Tools


Brightspace Integration

Ally integrates with Brightspace to convert your new and existing content into more accessible forms for your students.

Built in Support

Ally provides built in support to help you learn how to create more accessible documents and explains why your documents are not currently accessible.

Accessibility Scores and Reports

Ally generates a score for each item in your Brightspace class. This score shows you how strong your accessibility is and works as an alert to fix inaccessible items.

Ally also generates a Course Accessibility Report which shows you your course accessibility rating and what changes you can make to your course.


VoiceThread Universal

Voicethread Universal works with screen reader technology to make voicethread accessible. Its designed to be fully heard and not just seen. Additionally, captions are automatically generated in VT and there is a built in editor to help correct mistakes.

Multiple Formats

Voicethread offers multiple ways of engaging with content and students and has many different ways for students to interact with their peers and express their knowledge and learning.



Echo360 allows users to rewatch videos multiple times and at varying speeds so that students can review content in different ways and go back to lectures to go review before exams.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Courses being captured via Echo360 can request to have their videos transcribed through Amazon's Automatic Speech Recognition software. This is a machine-transcription provided by Echo360, and while does not meet the accuracy requirement for Closed Captions (99%), it can serve as a great starting point for faculty to edit and correct transcriptions. 

Active Learning Tools

Echo360's Active Learning Tools help foster greater access to content. Built-in time-stamped bookmarking, confusion flags, and question-and-answer cards can help provide real-time live updates to instructors and students. 

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