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  1. CBase is the learning management system used by faculty, staff and students of Stony Brook University's Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine for tracking syllabi, student progress, exam grades, competency completion, and more.

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  3. SB Events does not include room reservations, catering, or event staff.

    SB Events is a web-based event registration management service available to the University community who are interested in having online registration for a University sponsored event and/or fee collection from attendees.

  4. WolfieNet-Open is a wireless network that should only be used by games and mobile devices that cannot authenticate using the WPA2 Enterprise protocol.

  5. With the ever-growing number of computer devices on campus, finding a way to conserve energy and save on energy costs is increasing. By using Verdiem Surveyor, we will be able to capture energy usage on workstations in the areas serviced by Customer Engagement and Support, which will then translate to data that we can use institutionally to map out savings on our overall energy costs.

  6. Stony Brook University Reporting is a data warehouse of student, course and financial data compiled from PeopleSoft. This information is copied from the PeopleSoft database the previous day.

  7. Each campus residence is equipped with a wired network connection. In addition, there are several locations on campus where public jacks are available for use.

  8. Stony Brook University has partnered with Kivuto Solutions' OnTheHub Network as a way to distribute select software products to the campus community for use on their own personal computers.

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  10. Stony Brook University is a NERCOMP Member

    NERCOMP cultivates communities of practice around information and technology, promotes strategic partnerships, and advances innovation and leadership in educational institutions across the Northeastern United States.

  11. The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is responsible for distributing broadcast email messages. Requests must be pre-approved by a relevant Vice President, Department Head, or the CIO.

  12. Stony Brook's Data Network Services and IT Security teams added additional security to the campus network during the summer of 2010. A network name server was implemented to check the URLs of websites that users on campus visit against a list of known distributors of malware. Instead of visiting a site that is known to be a distributor of malware, the Web browser is redirected to a malware shield (Web page) which advises users why the site they are trying to reach may have been flagged as being potentially harmful.

  13. Stony Brook has enabled Eduroam, the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. 

  14. For more information on becoming a managed partner please contact at ... members and offers students various computer repair services. Support is offered through the Customer ... Engagement & Support  Service C enter, located on the fifth floor of the Melville Library, Room S-5410. ...
  15. SBConnect is a powerful system used for online collaboration and Web conferencing.  It is available at Stony Brook University for departments and courses, and is managed and provided by the Teaching, Learning + Technology Department (TLT).  With SBConnect, you can communicate ideas by sharing your desktop, virtual whiteboards, documents, powerpoint presentations and video files; using a webcam, microphone and/or chat window.  These sessions can be recorded as podcasts or on-demand sessions. 

  16. ePortfolios, powered by Digication, are a type of digital portfolio utilized by students and faculty to document their professional development and establish a positive online presence. With an ePortfolio, students and faculty can create online archives of their achievements, professional experience, academic work, personal hobbies and more. ePortfolios can be used as an extension of a resume to market yourself to prospective employers.

  17. The Data Management Plan Tool (DMP Tool) is an online resource that is meant to assist researchers in creating data management plans as required by most grant proposals.

  18. Need Assistance? Customer Engagement and Support ... services to inform and support decision making in higher education and other industry sectors. Links Login ... is a leading information technology firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support ...
  19. Aleph is Stony Brook University's Library Management System. It is used by library staff as a budgetary system for collection building, as well as cataloging collections, and circulation of materials. There are two Aleph systems, one for the East and West Libraries.

  20. HBO GO provides on-campus student residents with instant, unlimited access to HBO programming anytime, anywhere at no extra charge.