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  1. Students can print in SINC Sites and other computer labs on campus, or by using Stony Brook's Print From Anywhere service.

  2. EzProxy is an authentication system (connected to CAS and Shibboleth) for access to online journals, databases, and electronic books.

  3. Judicial Action/Campus Counts is Stony Brook University's student judicial system. 

  4. Softweb is Stony Brook's software distribution website. It is the host from which members of the campus community may download different software titles

  5. Stony Brook University maintains an electronic post office (EPO) for all students, faculty and staff. The EPO is essentially a mail forwarding device that allows everyone at the University to have the same generic email address ( so that no matter what email system Stony Brook may adopt or what domain names change, people will still receive their email.

  6. Stony Brook University is registered with the InCommon Certificate Service, a means for IT partners and the University community to easily and affordably obtain digital certificates for the safe sharing of online resources, such as the securing of departmental Web servers.

    The InCommon Certificate Service provides unlimited SSL, encryption and code signing PKI certificates for all domains owned by Stony Brook University for one fixed annual fee, allowing Stony Brook to issue certificates based on technical and security needs. The certificates are generated through Comodo, a trusted commercial certificate authority.

  7. DoIT offers an eFax service that allows users to receive faxes (via e-mail) using any personal computer, laptop, or wireless device connected to the Internet.

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  9. To prevent the inadvertent transfer of sensitive and/or personal data to unauthorized parties, the New York State Office of General Services (NYS-OGS) requires all surplus IT equipment to be cleansed of all data before disposing or repurposing. It is expected that all data be erased from the hard drive (and any other media) in such a manner that it cannot be recovered. Customer Engagement and Support can provide this service on an as-needed basis. It is recommended that when repurposing equipment (e.g. moving machines between personnel or departments), that the machine be cleaned of any University data before the swap.

  10. In partnership with SUNY and SkillSoft, an e-learning services provider, Stony Brook's Human Resources department offers West Campus/HSC employees the opportunity to access 800 online courses in business skills and technology training.

  11. DoIT's TLT Video Production Group can produce video recordings that range from complex multi-camera productions in the ECC Building studios to location shoots with hand-held cameras. 

  12. DoIT's Teaching, Learning + Technology department created a web-based classroom finder tool to assist in the selection of TLT-supported classrooms.

  13. Since 2012, DoIT has been experimenting with the Drupal content management system hosted in the Acquia Cloud. The DoIT website was the first site on campus to move to this environment. Other sites that have moved here, or are in the process of moving to Drupal in the cloud, include The Faculty CenterCareer CenterInstitute for Advanced Computational ScienceLinguistics, and Undergraduate Colleges.

  14. DoIT's Systems Support team works with departments on campus to figure out cost-effective ways to employ server support through VMware solutions. We have purchased  licenses for VMware vCloud suite advanced for campus use. If you would like to participate in this program, please email

  15. SB Alert is the University's emergency notification system used to alert the campus community of major emergencies, immediate threats or impending situations that could pose harm, disrupt classes, impact facilities, activities, or other operations. When activated, the system can send a voice, alphanumeric page, email and/or text message to all of the devices that you enter into the SB Alert - Contact Information tab in SOLAR.

  16. WolfieNet-Secure is the recommended network for all students, faculty and staff. It is located in campus buildings, common areas, and the residence halls. 

  17. log a ticket through the DoIT Service Portal (ITSM). Make sure you complete the form with accurate ... be helpful Supported By Customer Engagement and Support ... PeopleSoft Faculty, Staff PeopleSoft Administrative Services- Report a Problem/Forgot Password ...
  18. SB Events does not include room reservations, catering, or event staff.

    SB Events is a web-based event registration management service available to the University community who are interested in having online registration for a University sponsored event and/or fee collection from attendees.

  19. CBase is the learning management system used by faculty, staff and students of Stony Brook University's Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine for tracking syllabi, student progress, exam grades, competency completion, and more.

  20. Applications and Integrations (631) 632-3800 Cheat Sheet Business ...