DoIT Annual Report


August 2015 to July 2016

Leading DoIT

Dr. Melissa Woo, PhD

Vice President, Information Technology and CIO

“One of the first things our team accomplished together was to establish a set of priorities to align with the University’s strategic vision and primary goals. The focus for the year ahead will be on priorities related to Customer Experience and Engagement, Analytics, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security.”

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We are committed to engagement, communication, and sharing information with a human voice.


DoIT has established strategic priorities to align with the University's strategic vision and primary goals.

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Read the University’s Strategic Vision & Primary Goals »


Dr. Melissa Woo has scheduled a series of "Listening Tour Stops" during Summer/Fall 2016 to meet with different administrative and academic areas to learn more about the needs of University stakeholders.

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DoIT reached thousands of students and employees through its National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign in October, instituted a monthly cyber security newsletter to educate campus, and hosted 14 public events to raise awareness in 2015-16.

SB Interim CISO Matt Nappi Published in EDUCAUSE Review »

Information Security Initiative Kicks Off »

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Four student advisory board meetings were held last year which resulted in students being able to help test out new systems before launch, and recommend enhancements for Fall 2016 such as computers in the Humanities Lounge and improved network connectivity in Frey Hall and the library reading rooms.

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We will actively hire great people, develop their growth, encourage a healthy work/life balance, promote a diversity of voices, and support our staff.


Meeting the high-pressure demands of today's IT environment, DoIT actively recruited and hired the following talent this year to help meet those demands:

  • Mufakkir Chowdhury
  • Greg Davis
  • Trevor Greenidge
  • Judith Wagner Selitto
  • Patricia Gallo
  • Radha Ganesan
  • Vincent Maida
  • Paul Masem
  • Robert Mackay
  • Chieh-chao (Jay) Yu
  • Daniel Wood


Congratulations to our DoIT employees who were promoted, and/or transitioned into new roles.

  • Monique Blakely, UIS
  • Patricia Aceves, Assistant Provost
  • Matthew Nappi, Interim CISO
  • Kim Rant, UIS
  • Diana Voss, Director of Academic Technologies
  • Feng Pang, UIS
  • Richard Stein, Instructional Technologist
  • Eric Rosenberg, Systems & Operations
  • Neeru Ailawadi, Assistant Director HR/CBM Information Systems



We strive to recognize the outstanding achievements of our community who help inspire us to grow every day.

Bill Cusick and members of the TEDxSBU 2015 video production team.

Winners of the Rich W. Reeder scholarship holding their awards.

Michaela Christman (left), named one of the student employees of the year and Jarrod McFarlane (right) named student employer of the year.

DoIT Recognition Awards

DoIT kicks off its own employee recognition program in 2015.

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Student Employer of the Year

Jarrod McFarlane named Student Employer of the Year by the Career Center.

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Student Employee of the Year

DoIT student employee Michaela Christman was named one of the Student Employees of the Year by the Career Center.

Telly Awards

On Friday, June 24, 2016, the Stony Brook University was recognized for its outstanding work in visual arts at the 37th Annual Telly Awards.

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Richard W. Reeder Scholarship

Undergraduate students Yi Gao, Rohan Maini and Lukas Vasadi were selected winners of the 2016 Richard W. Reeder Endowed Scholarship prize. Each received a $1,000 award from DoIT on April 8, 2016.

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We will work to delight our customers in the innovative delivery of our solutions and services.


PeopleSoft Split Project Completed

Stony Brook University completed its Project 50 Forward PeopleSoft Split project in Oct. 2015, separating the HR database from the student information database, essentially creating two separate databases while maintaining vital integrations between them. This was necessary so that HR modules can be eventually upgraded which will restore Oracle support and provide new tools, functionality and improvements. President Stanley congratulated DoIT for its efforts in February 2016

DoIT Launched 24-Hour and Quiet Study SINC Sites

Students enjoyed 24-hour access to the Melville Library SINC Site Sunday through Thursday beginning with the Fall 2015 semester, and a quiet study area in the Physics SINC Site. The extended hours and quiet study space provided more flexibility to students. »

Student Print Quota Expanded to 2,100 Pages

DoIT increased the student print quota in 2015 to 2,100 pages and gave students the flexibility to adjust how much they print as their needs change throughout a semester.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Launched

DoIT began rolling out a new Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) Unified Communications system to all West Campus employees on May 24, 2016.

Mobile Charging Stations Installed in Frey Hall and Javits Lecture Center

Six free-standing mobile charging stations were installed in Frey Hall and Javits Lecture Center last year to help members of the campus community juice up their mobile devices when batteries start running low.

DoIT will continue rolling out VoIP Unified Communications to all West Campus employees through May 2017.

President Stanley Congratulates DoIT for Successful PeopleSoft Split Project.


Frey Hall 211 Gets Wireless Display Upgrade

In April 2016, DoIT installed a new wireless collaboration system in the large video conference classroom in Frey Hall. The new system allows students to connect wirelessly to the 70' touch screen in the classroom. The system allows file sharing, screen sharing, webcam and audio presence from almost any mobile or desktop device. The TV monitor is a touch screen so instructors can choose, move, re-size and annotate the 12-participant windows by touching the monitor.

SBS and Chemistry Classrooms Receive HDMI Upgrades

During spring break 2016, 19 classrooms were upgraded so instructors can properly use laptops with HDMI outputs. Larger projection screens were also installed in some Chemistry classrooms

Six HSC Seminar Rooms Get Flat Panel TVs

DoIT finished installing 70" flat panel TVs in six seminar rooms at the Health Sciences Center in July 2016. Apple TVs were included to allow wireless connectivity.

HSC Gallery Gets Sound System

DoIT installed a new wireless sound system in the HSC Gallery for classes and special events. The new sound system will reduce setup time and improve the quality of support for the area.

New wireless collaboration system in the large video conference classroom in Frey Hall 211.


DoIT Assists Students, Faculty, and Staff Year Round
  • 24,652 calls received
  • 21,000+ issues resolved
  • 1,100 devices setup/installed
  • 2200+ devices and computers serviced by DoIT
  • 90+% customer satisfaction rating
  • 15,000 students utilized computer labs (SINC Sites)
  • 51% of all classes use Blackboard
  • Hired 66 new student support consultants for Fall 2016
  • Provided 140 technology consultations
  • Scheduled 231 courses for ECHO (class capture) recordings

DoIT student computer lab consultants attend boot camp on Friday, Aug. 21, before the start of the Fall 2015 semester.


We will work collaboratively across Stony Brook University to provide a responsive environment that enriches and enhances teaching, learning, service, and research.


Women’s Leadership Conference

450 Attendees - 50% increase in attendance vs. 2015
Women’s Leadership event recap »

Assessment Symposium

200 Attendees - 122% increase in attendance vs. 2015
Go to the 2016 Assessment Symposium Site »

TLT Colloquium

200 Attendees
TLT Colloquium event site »

Online Learning Symposium

185 Attendees
Online Learning Symposium event site »

New Faculty Orientation

Introduced 23 New Faculty to Stony Brook University


400 Attendees
2015 TEDxSBU event site »

Attendees with keynote speaker Tonjanita Johnson at the 2016 Women's Leadership Symposium.

Dr. Vivienne Ming gives a talk at the 2016 Teaching & Learning Colloquium.

Participants at the 2016 Assessment Symposium learn data visualization techniques from keynote speaker Dr. Stephanie Evergreen.



DoIT is committed to engaging the community through training on essential technical knowledge.

In-person and Online Training
  • 130 live sessions, in-person and online
  • 200 hours of training & more than 700 attendees
  • 18% increase in enrollment from 2015
  • 20+ Topics: Google Drive, OneNote, Skype for Business, and Qualtrics
Asynchronous Online Training Modules
  • 700+ trained via DoIT Training’s own Online Training Modules
  • 250+ members in DoIT Training’s Yammer group

DoIT Trainer Nichole Gladky participates in a Cyber Security Training & Awareness event.


We will work collaboratively across Stony Brook University to provide a responsive environment that enriches and enhances teaching, learning, service, and research.


The Innovation Lab, which facilitates all stages of innovation and entrepreneurship while promoting cross-disciplinary collaborations across campus, actively spawned new events in 2015-16 which brought people together around innovation and received local media attention in the process.

David Ecker, Director of Research Technologies, presents WolfieTank participant Ruchi Shah with participation award.


High Performance Computing Cluster

DoIT architected the $1 million high performance computing (HPC) cluster for the Institute of Advanced Computational Science.

Learn more about Research Computing »


DoIT worked with the Registrar's Office and the Department of Undergraduate Education to launch a new student schedule builder, making it easier for students to build their class schedules.


DoIT introduced SB Events in 2015-16, a campus-wide web-based event registration service available to the University community interested in having online registration for a University sponsored event and / or fee collection from attendees. It replaces paper-based, informal, and third-party systems, which may not have met payment card industry standards.


Implemented in 2015, the Talent Management System (TMS) is now used for hiring and performance management at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook Medicine, and the Long Island State Veterans Home.