Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee is ideally comprised of high-ranking members of management. They are the visible champions of the project with the University and Project Review Board (PRB) and are the ultimate decision-maker, approving the charter, securing resources, and adjudicating all requests to change key project elements, such as deliverables, schedule, and budget.

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Last Updated: October 18, 2019

A steering committee is a good idea when different partnering units or individuals have a strong stake in the project. Because it represents these various interests, it is well-positioned to sort out complicated interdepartmental project problems. The downside to having a steering committee is that it involves another level of oversight, and its meetings take up the time of some of the University’s most expensive employees.

The Steering Committee's duties include:


  • Carry ultimate responsibility for the project
  • Remove organization obstacles
  • Secure resources
  • Address issues and risks affecting the project


  • Provide additional funds for scope changes
  • Approve all changes to the project
  • Approve project deliverables


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