Enterprise Project Management Office

The PMO provides an enterprise-wide approach to identify, prioritize and successfully execute a portfolio of projects to align with Stony Brook University goals.

Portfolio Dashboard

The Stony Brook University EPMO Dashboard (https://it.stonybrook.edu/projects/dashboard) tracks and measures the status of the project health indicators and project progress through a range of key performance indicators:

•       Active lists all approved projects currently inflight, each Project has a page that highlights the timeline of the Project and a link to the current monthly status report and all project documentation (artifacts)

•       To Be Evaluated is the holding area for demands prior to the Project Prioritization Review Board (PRB)

•       On-Hold is an area to show Projects that had a status change from Active to On-Hold. Note in the Status report there will be an explanation for the change

•       Cancelled is an area to show Projects that have been cancelled. Note in the Status report there will be an explanation for the status change

•       Completed houses all completed Projects


The Formula for Project Success!

Project Team Roles

When starting a new project, we often get asked about the flow of a Project, the expectations of the Project, and the various roles needed. We hope that you find this video helpful!


Successful projects are first and foremost a result of a team! They usually include careful planning and the talent and collaboration of a project’s team members.


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