Student Information

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All active students (except for School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine students) are now using Google Apps for Education for email, calendar, document storage, collaboration, and more. As of Oct. 1, 2012, all messages sent to a student's or address began arriving in their new Stony Brook Google Apps account. To log in to Google Apps for Education, go to and enter your NetID and NetID password in order to authenticate.

How come I no longer receive messages sent to at my personal email address?

When student email accounts were switched to Google Apps for Education on Oct. 1, all mail forwarding stopped. Students are still responsible for all messages sent to their account. If a student wants to forward this email to another account, they need to set up mail forwarding in their Google Mail Settings.

Using Google on Your Mobile Device

Important! Please change your NetID password in SOLAR once your mail has been migrated to Google Apps. Doing so will allow you to use IMAP or POP to configure other mail clients, or access Google Apps from a mobile device. It will take 10-15 minutes for the new NetID password to take effect, and is required in order to access Google mail from a mobile device. Once this has been done, see Configuring Your Android for Google Apps or Setting Up Gmail on iPhone/iPad. For additional information about getting Google Apps on your mobile device, please see Get Google Apps on your mobile device.

Where is my existing mail from MySBmail (

Your email is still in MySBmail. If you would like to move your old mail from MySBmail ( to your Stony Brook Google Apps for Education account, you will need to do this yourself from your personal computer using the following instructions Migrating Email from MySBmail to Gmail Using Thunderbird.

Students with Lotus Notes Accounts

Students may request to have their Lotus Notes email ( automatically sent to their new Stony Brook Google Apps account. If students would like the Division of Information Technology to copy their existing Lotus Notes email messages to their Google account, they need to submit a request through Students will need to log in with their Lotus Notes username (same as their NetID) and Lotus Notes password.

Will we get to keep our Stony Brook Google Apps accounts after we graduate?

Since Stony Brook Google Apps accounts require NetID authentication, students will have access to the domain as long as their NetID remains active (most likely until they are marked as graduated or inactive in PeopleSoft/SOLAR). Stony Brook University's Advancement/Alumni Relations department is offering a new "alumni" Google Apps domain ( Students that decide to register for a Stony Brook Google Apps alumni account will see their email addresses change from to Alumni must fill out the following form to register for a Stony Brook Google Apps account on the alumni domain.


Please contact Teaching, Learning + Technology's student technologists at or (631) 632-9602.