Business Analyst

The business analyst defines needs and recommends solutions to make an organization better. When part of a project team, they ensure that the project’s objectives solve existing problems or enhance performance, and add value to the organization. They can also help maximize the value of the project deliverables.

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Last Updated: October 18, 2019

A business analyst is a job role that is on a constant lookout for ways and means of defining business needs and suggesting solutions to those needs in a way to help improve the performance of organization.

Business Analyst duties include:


  • Assist in defining the project
  • Develop and maintains business requirements and functional requirements
  • Oversee User Acceptance Testing
  • Verify that project deliverables meet the requirements


  • Assess current systems
  • Gather necessary data and information to define the project requirements
  • Check for the value stream in the project deliverables
  • Document and analyze business processes using value-added/non-value added process
  • Document “ability to” functional requirements for use by application designers and developers
  • Participate in unit testing, system testing, and regression testing
  • Test solutions to validate objectives

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