Hybrid Teaching Technology

With distancing policies in place, all classrooms scheduled for the '20-'21 academic year have technology installed to teach in person and remote students synchronously.

Types of Classrooms

For faculty teaching in classrooms this coming semester, there are two types of classroom configurations outfitted with technology for Hybrid teaching  via Zoom. You can look up what kind of configuration your classrooms will have by searching the Zoom Classroom Status document. 

The following technologies are available in classrooms.

Temporary Lectern Room

  • Zoom capable
  • Toggle between 2 cameras
    1. Student facing camera
    2. Instructor facing camera
  • Built-in mics that capture both students and instructor from anywhere in the room
  • Full pan, tilt and zoom control via remotes available on request
  • Multitouch monitor with stylus that can act as a digital, writable surface

Permanent Lectern Room

  • Zoom and Echo capable
  • Single, long-distance capture camera
    • No student facing camera
  • NO built-in mics.
    • Wireless instructor & student mic MUST be picked up from AV
  • One-touch camera presets to refocus on the lectern via touch panel
  • SMART Podium monitor with stylus that can act as a digital, writable surface

Good to Know:

Both types of classrooms have Windows computers available. Log in with you NetID and password. 

  • In "Temporary" lectern classrooms, you will not be able to plug in your own device to the system. Have your material accessible on a USB drive or on a cloud-based service.
  • While we suggest using the installed computer,  you may plug in your own device in "Permanent" lectern classrooms. You must bring your own cables and adapters. 

All rooms have digital annotation

  • Whiteboard and Blackboard capture via camera is never recommended

Temporary Lectern Overview

This hybrid learning station was designed to provide teaching faculty with all the tools to facilitate both in-person and online synchronous teaching. Classrooms with "Temporary Lecterns" are equipped with multiple cameras (instructor and student views), audio coverage of instructor and students, and dual monitors with interactive annotation features that can be shared into your Zoom session.

Best Practice and Tips

Get Trained

Schedule a training session to familiarize yourself with the equipment in the room.

Appointments for HSC can be made via

  1. service ticket at service.stonybrook.edu
  2. e-mail at avserviceshsc@stonybrook.edu
  3.  phone at (631) 444-3230

Appointments for West Campus can be made via

  1. service ticket at service.stonybrook.edu
  2. e-mail at avservices@stonybrook.edu
  3. phone at (631) 632-9400

A help guide and a video tutorial are also available to help you prepare.

Plan Ahead

We encourage you to leverage the extra time between classes to set up your classroom technology prior to class starting.

If you run into any difficulties, contact AV Services immediately for troubleshooting assistance.

Health Science Center Learning Space Support Hotline: (631) 444- 3230

West Campus Learning Space Support Hotline: (631) 632-9400

Speak Up

Speak loudly and clearly to overcome face masks and distance.

Make sure your room does not require an external mic for in-person students or the Instructor to be heard in Zoom.

Use Digital Annotation

To ensure all material can be seen in recordings, please use the digital annotation features provided for you.

For information on digital annotation software and tools available, please visit the Keep Teaching page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my classroom equipped?

You can check how your room is equipped on this Zoom Classroom Status spreadsheet.

Do you have written help guides?

Help Guide for all  Zoom enabled classrooms can be found here

Do you have a video tutorial?

A video tutorial for all Zoom enabled classrooms can be found here

How do I get in person training?

Appointments can be scheduled for an one-on-one training session by contacting AV Services via phone or email, or by entering a service ticket.

Please be aware that distancing guidelines will be followed and face masks will be required during training sessions.

For Help & Support Information

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