You’re ready for the Fall Semester, is your computer?

By DoIT Communications


If you have been away for the summer or working remotely recently, your office computer may have been turned off, or asleep during that time.  

On your first day back on campus:

  • Your computer may take hours to complete updates that cannot occur when computers are “offline”. 
  • The computer may need to reboot multiple times to install the backlog of updates properly.  Unless you bring in a laptop,  you will not have access to a computer during this time.
  • Do not forcefully turn off your computer in the middle of these updates.  It is normal for the machine to appear “sluggish” during an update.
  • Once your computer has completed the updates, you should be able to use your computer just as you would normally.
  • The batteries may need replacing if you have a wireless keyboard or mouse.
  • Restart your computer at the end of your workday just in case additional updates need to be finalized.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local support or the Service Desk



Please continue to visit our “keep working” site for new updates on all supporting technologies you might need.