Tips for Shopping Online Securely in 2021

By DoIT Communications

Security Training and Awareness Working Group

Date Released: 11/24/2021


With the holiday season on the horizon, cyber attackers are working tirelessly to build and deploy brand new scams, hoping to take advantage of an uninformed shopper. 


The Stony Brook Security Training and Awareness group urges you to take a moment and ensure that you are prepared to stay safe online this season: 

  • Make sure all sites that you are buying from are legitimate. Double check site addresses to ensure you are on the actual business website (e.g. and not   
  • If your account allows for Two Factor Authentication make sure it is turned on. Two factor authentication requires your password and a secondary check such as email, phone, or a text to verify that you are logging in. 
  • You may find amazing deals through Instagram or Facebook. Check to make sure the sites are legitimate before buying. Ads can be fake and may be masquerading as another site. 
  • Look for the green lock icon in your browser, ensuring a secure connection with the website. Note that the lock does not necessarily mean the business is legitimate, but it does ensure that data in transit cannot be compromised.  
  • Check that advertisements are well written. Poor grammar and spelling can indicate that the ad is malicious.  
  • Make sure each account has a different password. If you have trouble remembering this, a password manager can help create unique passwords that are controlled with a single Master password. Stony Brook offers LastPass Premium to all Students, Staff and Faculty


For more information, visit Stony Brook University’s Cyber Security website.  

Thank you all and stay safe, 

SBU Security Training and Awareness Working Group