SOLAR Mobile Now Available to Students

By: Kerrin Perniciaro
Last Updated: January 17, 2017

This is a screenshot of an iPhone with the SOLAR Mobile app displayed

Students can now enjoy a streamlined mobile experience when they access Stony Brook's SOLAR System from a smartphone. With the introduction of SOLAR Mobile, DoIT provides a clean view and easy access to a student's SOLAR messages, to-do items, holds, weekly schedule, grades, course history, and billing information.

Anyone who goes to using a mobile phone will be directed to the mobile login page. When they log in, if the system detects that they have a "student" role, they will be directed to the mobile optimized home page with the following menus:

                    • Messages (with an indicator showing how many "new" messages there are)
                    • Messages (read; no indicator)
                    • To Do's (with indicator showing how many to-do's)
                    • Holds (with indicator showing how many holds)
                    • My Weekly Schedule
                    • View My Grades
                    • Enrollment Dates
                    • My Course History
                    • Account Summary/What Do I Owe?
                    • Students will also see the option to switch to the "full site" to access the full set of SOLAR features such as Enrollment, etc.

If the system detects that a user does not have a "student" role (applicants, employees, faculty), they will be directed to the non-mobile site ("full site")

If a user has multiple roles (e.g. they are both an employee and a student, they will be treated as a student and be directed to the mobile home page)

Students who try it out are encouraged to let us know what they think by filling out our DoIT Feedback Form.

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