Renew Your WolfieNet Secure Certificate before April 20th, 2022

Last year, the security certificate for the WolfieNet-Secure wireless network was updated.  This certificate update is executed every few years in order to keep our network security up to date.  With so many of our services relying on the network, it is clear how vital network security is.  The process to update the certificate on all your wireless devices is very simple and just takes about 1 minute to complete.  Please note that you only need to install this certificate if you have not connected to WolfieNet-Secure in the past year.

By DoIT Communications

What is WolfieNet-Secure?

  • The WolfieNet-Secure wireless network is one of SBU networks available for connecting via WiFi to many of the SBU Campus resources and internet access.  WolfieNet-Secure is the recommended network for all students, faculty, and staff while on campus.  Use your NetID to gain access to this secure network for your personal mobile devices. For more information, visit


What do I need to do?

  • Simply visit and launch the step by step guide by clicking on the “Get WolfieNet” button to install the new certificate on your wireless device.  If you have changed your NetID password recently, please make sure your devices are all using the current NetID password.


I am not on campus yet, can I do this update now?

  • Yes, you can run through the wizard now to get a head start on updating your certificate.  The last step of the process is actually connecting to the WolfieNet-secure network.  As you are not on-campus, you will not be able to complete this step.  This is unavoidable, but when you do return to campus your device should connect without issue as long as your NetID and password are correctly entered when installing the new certificate.


Which devices need the updated certificate?

  • Any and all wireless devices that you plan on using on the WolfieNet-Secure network will need the new certificate.  This includes phones, laptops, and your tablets.


How do I get help if this isn’t working for me?


Who can I call for help?

  • If you’re on West Campus, call the DoIT Service Desk at 631-632-9800.

  • If you’re on East Campus, call the SBMIT Service Desk at 631-444-4357.


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