Qualtrics Launches New User Interface

Qualtrics, the survey and research tool, gets a fresh new face and a few new features.

By: Marcko Sicoco
Last Updated: January 24, 2017

Stony Brook University’s survey software tool, Qualtrics, which allows students, faculty and staff to conduct insightful research, is transitioning to a new user interface on June 14, 2016. The Qualtrics Insight Platform aims to simplify and streamline survey workflows through a new layout and design as well as some new features. All existing data and surveys will still be there, but you’ll now have access to new features to enhance your survey building and reporting experience.

Some of the changes include:

·         Reorganizing all surveys into Projects

·         New question types

·         A simplified Distribution module

·         New Data & Analysis and Reports modules

·         Response tagging and additional data filtering tools

·         New, customizable data reports and visualizations

·         A drag and drop folder organization system

Beginning June 14, Qualtrics will permanently transition to the Insight Platform. It is available to try out right now by logging in through the Qualtrics service page using your Stony Brook NetID and clicking “Experience the Qualtrics Insight Platform” in the top right corner under your username.

To learn more about the new interface, visit Qualtrics’ overview support page.

To learn how to use Qualtrics and the Insight Platform, watch the following webinars:

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