New Google Contacts Coming

New Google Contacts coming this winter.

By: Julie Sharma
Last Updated: January 03, 2019

Starting today, New Google Contacts is available for you to try. January 15th, everyone will be moved to new Contacts, but you can switch back to old Contacts temporarily. 

Beginning February 12th, everyone will be on new Contacts, and old Contacts will no longer be available.

Learn New Contacts

The overall layout of new Contacts is the same, but it has an updated look and some new features, including the ability to group contacts with labels, customize display columns, show/hide the left sidebar, and the option to scroll through all contacts. DoIT Training has a variety of ways for you to learn about it:

Try New Contacts Now

To try the new Contacts now, from your Google Contacts at, click Try Contacts preview in the bottom left. Between now and February 12, go back to old Contacts by clicking Switch to old version in the bottom left.

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