New Communication Format for STAWG

By DoIT Communications

Security Training and Awareness Working Group

Date Released: 5/3/2022

Cybersecurity Advisory


            In an effort to reduce confusion and communicate more effectively, the Security Training and Awareness Working Group (STAWG) is working to send out communications in a more standardized format.  

           These emails will be sent by the email address, via the Stony Brook Campus Announcement system (mailed-by:  This information can be verified by clicking the Show Details triangle next to the receiving address, as pictured below.


            These messages will be focused on current events and best practices regarding the ever changing state of the cybersecurity world.  To help identify these messages at a glance from your inbox, they will use a standardized subject line shown below:

STAWG Cybersecurity Advisory - [InfoSec Topic]


            As always, if you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of an email, you can forward it to the Information Security team at PhishBowl@stonybrook or contact the service desk for assistance.  Please let us know if there are any questions, and new security content will follow in the near future.  


Thank you all and stay safe, 

SBU Security Training and Awareness Working Group