ATC Letter

By: Catherine Scott
Last Updated: November 14, 2016

Dear ATC’s,

Online student course evaluations for the Fall, 2016 semester will begin on November 23, 2016. 

  • The data will be uploaded into Campus Labs on November 16th.  As you know, all of the information that goes into Campus Labs comes directly from PeopleSoft/SOLAR.  Therefore, any changes made AFTER 11/15 will not appear in the OCE system.  We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for teaching assignments to be correct in PS/SOLAR.
  • Faculty will be notified on November 16th.  This allows faculty time to notify you of any corrections and gives them a chance to add their own custom questions. 
  • As an administrator, you can check your department’s response rates once the evaluations begin.
  • Instructors have the greatest impact on response rates.  We encourage schools, colleges and departments to create their own incentives for their faculty to increase student feedback.
  • Important information you may want to know:
    • Low Enrollment courses ARE automatically evaluated. 
    • Classes labeled (in P/S SOLAR) as tutorials, clinical and/or supervisory ARE NOT automatically evaluated.
    • An exception form must be submitted in order for this kind of component to be evaluated (see link below).
  • Remove duplicate sections of the same course
    • Many courses have identical components (same instructor, same students) listed for LEC and REC, or LEC and LAB, etc. In these cases, students receive duplicate/identical evaluations for each part.  Besides being confusing, it discourages the student from completing the evaluation for either part and ultimately lowers response rates. To prevent this from happening, you are required to submit an exception form to remove the identical component(s).

For Example:
John Smith teaches both ABC 100 01 & ABC 100 L01, same instructor, same students. He could exclude ABC 100 L01 (LAB) and add a custom question asking about the removed component if he chooses.

*Exception form link:

  • Make sure TA’s are listed properly in SOLAR so they can be evaluated.

TAs must be listed in SOLAR as the Primary or Secondary Instructor (according to their role in the course) in order to be evaluated.  Only these roles are recognized in the evaluation system.


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