Instructions for Online Course Evaluations

Course Evaluation
Last Updated: February 23, 2016

1. Confirm accurate faculty and TA course assignments in PeopleSoft (SOLAR). 

Please note: Instructors will not be evaluated if they are not properly assigned to their course in PeopleSoft.  Please confirm your instructor course assignments in SOLAR today.

2. For TAs to be evaluated, they must be listed as Primary Instructor (PI) or Secondary Instructor (SI) in PeopleSoft (depending on their role in the course).

Please note: Only primary and secondary instructors are evaluated.

3. Update department administrator access in the evaluation system

To update access, email us at: or call 2-2780.

What courses will be evaluated?

  • All courses, except those designated as TUT or SUP. 

If you require an exception to these rules, you must submit an exception request prior to the start of evaluations.  

When should we submit an exception request?

  • When you want the TUT or SUP courses evaluated.
  • If your LEC and REC or LEC and LAB courses are identical and you only want one of the sections evaluated (same instructor, same students)
  • Any other exception you would like considered.  Requests to remove courses from evaluation will be approved through department chairpersons. 

Note: Departments and faculty who have submitted exception requests in the past do not need to re-submit.  If you’re unsure if your request is submitted, please email us.

To access the exception form, log on at: and authenticate with your Net ID and password.

Will Mid-Semester Assessments be done online?  No. Based on feedback from faculty and students, we will be sending out the mid-semester assessment questions through email and instructors can print and distribute them to their courses (or create their own questions).  This decision is not meant to diminish the importance of mid-semester formative assessment, but rather to improve the process of gathering this feedback for instructors and students.  Research tells us that soliciting mid-semester feedback increases the response rate on the end-of-semester evaluations; however we don’t want to over-survey our students using the online system thus discouraging them from completing the important end-of-semester surveys.

What happened to our past evaluation reports?

The evaluation data from the old system is being moved into the new system and will be fully available online in the new system by Summer 2014.  Evaluation reports from 2002-2010 are also available in digital PDF.

In the meantime, we are happy to provide you with the reports you need, just email us at

For More Information Contact

Course Evaluation Team