Dr. Patricia Aceves Appointed Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy

Dr. Patricia Aceves was appointed Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy. In this expanded role, she will lead Stony Brook University’s new Office of Assessment as an integral part of the Faculty Center. 

By: Michaela Christman
Last Updated: June 22, 2016

Dr. Patricia Aceves has assumed the new role of Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy, which will lead the newly-branded Faculty Center for Teaching, Assessment and Digital Education. 

In this expanded role, Aceves will lead Stony Brook University’s new Office of Assessment as an integral part of the Faculty Center's work in supporting pedagogy, assessment of student learning and technology integration in our physical and virtual classrooms. She will be reporting jointly to the University’s Vice President for Information Technology/Chief Information Officer and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

In her expanded role, Patricia will work collaboratively with faculty groups, departments, colleges and schools on assessment of the Stony Brook Curriculum and academic programs, as well as meeting Middle States accreditation requirements.

"My expanded role will be to formally oversee the academic assessment process at the University," Aceves said.  "In the past, we had always done assessment, but it had always been voluntary." 

One of the recommendations given after the University's last Middle States visit was to create a formal office of academic assessment, and since the Faculty Center had always offered the service, a decision was made to put the new and official Office of Assessment in the Faculty Center.

In the short-term, Aceves hopes to create a culture of assessment at Stony Brook. "We could just start implementing and having faculty collect data, but it doesn't really mean anything unless we have a solid foundation for it. So that's really what I'm setting the stage for right now," she said. In the long-term, she hopes to build the vision of the Faculty Center and assess the value that it brings to Stony Brook's campus. 

"I want to re-develop our faculty survey, collect data, and really make sure that the deans and vice presidents know the Faculty Center and know TLT-- and that we're the first place they come if they have a question."

Patricia joined Stony Brook University in 2009, having previously spent 10 years as Director of Distance Learning at St. Cloud State University. As Director of the Faculty Center, she has led a successful team in working with faculty and academic departments to enhance teaching, to encourage innovative pedagogies in disciplines across campus, as well as to assess and improve student learning outcomes.

Since joining the University, her team has played a vital role in the expansion of online course development in undergraduate education, infusing ePortfolios across the curriculum, the introduction of online course evaluations and the new Mobile/Digital Now (MDN) Faculty Fellows iPad Initiative. More than 600 faculty attend learning events hosted by the Faculty Center each year, including the New Faculty Orientation, the Online Education Symposium, the Assessment Symposium and the Teaching and Learning Colloquium. In 2014, Patricia launched the University’s first Women’s Leadership Symposium. 

Please join us in congratulating Patricia on her new role at Stony Brook University. 

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