Current Duo Users Only: Duo 2-Step Login Coming to Single Sign On Protected Applications

By: Nichole Gladky
Last Updated: October 05, 2020


To better protect you and the University, Duo Security two-step login is going to be added to Single-Sign On protected applications, which includes widely used services such as Email and Zoom. This change will initially only impact those who already have a Duo account. If you are not currently enrolled in Duo, this change will not affect you. The change will take effect October 28th, 2020, towards the end of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.


What to Expect

Anyone who has an account with Duo will notice on 10/28 that when they log into a Single-Sign On protected application, such as email or Zoom, they will need to enter their NetID and password like usual, but subsequently approve the login via Duo push approval or phone call.  Only after this approval will you be able to get into the system.


How to Prepare for this Change

While you are likely already familiar with how to use Duo, please follow these steps as soon as possible:

  1. Log into and familiarize yourself with the Stony Brook DUO Self Service Portal 
  2. Ensure that your favorite device (like your cell phone) is the default device.
  3. Add a second device, such as a tablet or office phone, should your default device be unavailable.
  4. Review the Frequently Asked Questions on our DUO service page.

Logging into the Duo Portal to Add or Remove Devices 


Image of New Login Experience:

Contact Us 

As always, if you have any questions or need additional support, you can contact our department by opening a service request at, or by calling 631-632-9800. 

Thanks all and stay safe.


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