Course Evaluations Now Open

By: Nicholas Ciuffo
Last Updated: November 30, 2016

Course Evaluations are now open! Here's why you should take some time to complete your evaluations:

For Yourself

Filling out a course evaluation gives you an opportunity to reflect on your progress throughout the course.

  • What have you learned?
  • How far have you come?
  • What parts of the class appealed to you?
  • Which did not?

Being thoughtful about your experience as a course comes to an end can help you make better decisions when selecting classes for a new semester or when exploring options for a major.

For Faculty

Thoughtful course evaluations help professors identify what is working in a particular course, and, perhaps more importantly, what could use improvement. The more detailed you are in your written course evaluations (about lectures, readings, assignments, and exams), the more information a faculty member has to work with. Evaluations are important to the instructor for improving course content and presentation as well as for improving the instructor’s own pedagogy. 

For Your School

Administrators use the evaluations as a summative evaluation of the instructor for promotion, tenure, and merit purposes.  Your input is crucial in the successful growth and development of Stony Brook University courses.

For Your peers

Not only does your input help improve Stony Brook courses in the future, but your course evaluations can also assist your peers in making good decisions when they are selecting courses.

Student Responsibility

Your course evaluations represent both your right to have your voice heard and your responsibility to the university and your peers. It’s tangible evidence of your commitment to Stony Brook University and SBU’s commitment to you.

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