Blackboard Maintenance Complete - (some known issues to be aware of)

By: Diana Voss
Last Updated: November 03, 2022

Stony Brook's Blackboard system was updated the week of 12/27/21  

There are some issues that all need to be aware of, they are:

 1.  Links for Echo360 & VoiceThread do not work in existing courses.   Instructors need to relink  their Echo360 and VoiceThread content.

2.  Achievements is not working (Blackboard has been notified)

3.  Digital Desk is not working (Digital Desk has been notified)

4. It is unclear that Cengage is working properly.  If any instructors use Cengage, we need your help.  Please try to use the tool and email us at:  to let us know whether or not it is functioning correctly

5.  Safe Assign reports that were generated prior to 12/27/21 are available upon request by the Instructor of the course.  To do so, follow these instructions:


There have been some changes that Instructors & Students may notice ...they are:


Adding Content:

Attaching a document or an article is different.  In the WYSWYG editor, click the  (Add Content button) and then choose where your article is stored among the Common or Additional Tools.


Course Menu's:


For More Information Contact

Academic Technology Services