Blackboard Access Ends 10/4/2023

As we transition to Brightspace, we wanted to update you on Blackboard access after Spring 2023.

By DoIT Communications

On November 2nd, 2022 all Stony Brook Students and Instructors who use Blackboard received notification that

Access to Blackboard will no longer be available after October 4, 2023.

Spring 2023 is the last semester that Blackboard is an option for our campus.

After 10/4/2023

Both messages shared that all outstanding incompletes after 10/4/2023 will not be able to take place in Blackboard. Arrangements will need to be made between the instructor and student. The instructor email provided information about K16, our archiving solution for reports that will be available upon request for instructors only. 

More Information

For information on the transition to Brightspace, including training options, support information, and copies of previous emails, see the FAQs below, and visit our Brightspace service page at:

Student FAQs

How long will I have access to Blackboard? 

Enrolled students will have access to Blackboard until October 4, 2023. If you have information in any of your courses that you would like to keep, please download it before that date, if your instructor allows.

What if I still have an incomplete and will not be complete by October 4, 2023?

Please contact your instructor to find out how you will access your course after October 4.

Where can I find my courses? 

All courses can be accessed through Brightspace starting in Summer 2023 and for all semesters moving forward. 

Instructor FAQs

How long will I have access to Blackboard? 

Faculty and students will have access to Blackboard until October 4, 2023. 

What will happen to all of my courses in Blackboard? 

After October 4, 2023, all of your courses in Blackboard will be archived to K16 solutions. Faculty and staff will not have access to this archive, but can request reports for a grade dispute. If you would like to retain your own copy of your gradebook from each of your courses, you will need to download each grade center before October 4, 2023.

Will the archive include everything that was in Blackboard?

Archives include: student submissions, discussions, file attachments, assignments, quizzes, feedback, and the gradebook.

Anything in your course that is not a native part of Blackboard will not be archived. For example, all VoiceThreads, Echo360 videos, and textbook content will not be archived, but will still be available directly through each system and can connect to the content in Brightspace. 

My course has not been moved over from Blackboard to Brightspace. What should I do?

All Blackboard courses from Fall 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022 have been moved over. All Blackboard courses from Fall 2022 will be moved after the semester has ended.

If you have any courses that were not taught during that time period and would like them moved over, email with the course information (including section #) & semester information or move the content directly into your Brightspace course. 

What if one of my students still has an incomplete and will not be complete by October 4, 2023?

After October 4, 2023, you will need to make arrangements directly with students who have incompletes to accept assignments electronically. We encourage all instructors to use Brightspace in Spring 2023 to avoid this scenario.