A Message From the CIO Regarding Initial Phases of DoIT Org Restructuring

By: Melissa Woo
Last Updated: September 22, 2016

Both higher education and the field of IT are rapidly changing, and the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) needs to be prepared to address the opportunities and challenges resulting from those changes. In order to prepare, DoIT is in the process of restructuring. These changes are the initial steps to reimagine the way we approach, deliver, and support technology on campus.

The initial phase of our restructuring impacts key areas of DoIT including: Teaching, Learning & Technology, Customer Engagement and Support (formerly DoIT Operations), and Infrastructure (formerly Data Network Services and Systems Support). These new structural alignments reflect DoIT’s strategic priorities and foundational principles.

What is the new structure?
These initial structural changes reflect reporting line changes, and not job description changes.

  • DoIT’s Systems Support group now reports to Jim Hart in the newly-created “Infrastructure” unit. As systems and network infrastructure converges in the IT industry, a unified Infrastructure group helps prepare us to tackle the opportunities and challenges of converged infrastructure architecture and implementation.

  • The Innovation Lab, and the Computer Accounts team now report to Michael Ospitale, in our rebranded Customer Engagement and Support group. Given the customer-centric focus of both teams, DoIT’s customer engagement and support activities are strengthened by joining their knowledge and talent.

  • DoIT’s Academic Technology Services group, and the Educational Technology Services group now report to Patricia Aceves, Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy. These moves will provide more seamless coordination among the areas of DoIT that support teaching and learning.

  • The role of Assistant Provost for Teaching, Learning and Technology has been eliminated.

  • View our updated organizational chart.

In addition to structural changes, DoIT has initiated the recruitments for two newly created positions: a head of human resources, and a head of budget and finance. These positions will serve as members of the DoIT Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to provide strategic direction and support for the increasingly complex areas of financial and human resource services within DoIT.

What does this restructuring mean for DoIT?
With your patience, and understanding during these initial adjustments, and in partnership with your collaborative spirit, and innovative ideas, these changes in our organization will provide the momentum to propel us forward. As we continue to move forward, the SLT will be working with you to find and implement additional changes that better position DoIT to serve Stony Brook University. Working together, we will be better able to meet the fast changing needs of IT services on campus.

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