What do I need when submitting my test for grading?

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

You must submit the following materials for all exam grading requests:

  1. Opscan Test Scoring Request Form
    Course information must be filled out completely (subject code, course #, and section #, ex: AMS-102-01). This is crucial in order to find the correct student roster for your class. This form is available online here and is also available at the Opscan office and may be filled out at time of submission.
  2. Answer key(s)
    The answer key has the correct answers and versions bubbled in for the exam. All answer keys must be completed before bringing tets to be graded. Failure to do so delays the processing of your exams, especially during midterm and final periods. Please indicate these forms by writing in 'ANSWER KEY' in the Last Name section of the scantron.
  3. Student scantrons to be graded
    All student scantrons must have the students' first name, last name, ID number, and version # written and bubbled in. Sample student scantrons are available here. Please remind students of proper methods of bubbling in their answers with #2 pencils (available on the back of all scantrons). Since we use machines to scan the scantrons, any answers filled in improperly will risk being marked incorrectly.  Before submitting exam sheets to the Opscan office, please check that they are all facing the same direction.

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