Utilizing Excel with Blackboard

Instructors may transfer the data from Blackboard's Grade Center into Excel. Instructors also have the option to upload grades from Excel into Blackboard.

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Download grades to Excel

Instructors may download their Grade Center into an Excel spreadsheet. This is ideal for instructors who prefer grading offline, or doing complex calculations in Excel.

1. Select the Work Offline button, then Download.

2. Select whether to download the entire Grade Center, one specific column (and comments), or just student (user) information.

3. Scroll down to Options. Select the Delimiter Type.

  • Comma: Saves as .csv (recommended)
  • Tab: Saves as .xls

4. Select Yes to include Hidden Information (ie. Columns and users you may have hidden).

5. Scroll down to Save Location. Select whether to download your Grade Center to your computer, or to the Files area of your course.

6. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

7. On the next page, click Download.

8. When prompted, Save the file to your computer instead of opening it immediately. Formatting issues may occur if the file is opened without saving first. Select a folder or location that's easy to remember, like Desktop or My Documents.

  • Default file names:
    • Full Grade Center (recommended): gc_[Course ID]_fullgc_YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.xls or .csv
    • Grading Period: gc_[Course ID]_gp_YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.xls or .csv
    • Column: gc_[Course ID]_column_ YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.xls or .csv
    • User Information: gc_[Course ID]_studinfo_ YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.xls or .csv

9. Your Excel file will look like this:

  • Dont make any changes to Row 1 or Columns A-F! Blackboard needs these columns to stay put if you want to upload your grades later.

10. Input grades into the Excel file. You may also add new columns in our Excel spreadsheet. Once you upload back into Blackboard, you'll need to edit the column to change some properties. Look below for more information.


Upload grades from Excel to Blackboard

Once grades have been downloaded, inputted, or modified in Excel, upload them back into Blackboard so students may access them.

1. Select Work Offline, then Upload. 

2. Click Browse, and located the Excel file on your computer.


Click the second Browse button if you've uploaded the Excel file to the Files are of your course.

3. Select the Delimiter Type: Comma, Your file should be a .csv file for this to work. If you are on a Mac make sure that you are saving as a Windows .csv file and that the extension appears next to the file (ex: Grades.csv)

4. Check the boxes to the left of the columns to be uploaded.

5. Click Submit.

6. The confirmation page gives a preview of new grades. If everything looks ok, click Submit.

7. The Grade Center will appear, displaying the uploaded grades.

8. If you created a new column in Excel, it must be edited in order for totals and weighted totals to calculate properly.

  • Click the arrow button to the right of the column title, then select edit column information.
  • Select any Primary Display except text.
  • Enter a Points Possible value.
  • Set options, then click Submit.

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