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Last Updated: December 09, 2022
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To set up TurningPoint in Brightspace, first add the LTI to your course, and then register an instructor account through Brightspace.

For more information, see Turning Technologies' documentation

Adding the TurningPoint LTI to a Brightspace Course 

  1. Log into Brightspace with an instructor account
  2. Navigate to the desired course
  3. Navigate to the content area of the course
  4. Select Add a module under the Table of Contents and name it TurningPoint
  5. Select the Existing Activities dropdown and then select External LearningTools
  6. Select the Turning Account Registration option
  7. Select the dropdown next to theTurningPoint Registration link and then select Edit Properties In-place
  8. Select the check box for Open as External Resource

Registering an Instructor Account through Brightspace

In order to link your Brightspace Instructor account with your account you must create your account through the registration link in Brightspace. It is also important that you use your email address for the registration process.

  1. Log into Brightspace
  2. Click Turning Account Registration link from module you added it to above
  3. Enter your email address and click Create
  4. If prompted, check your email and click the link to verify your account
  5. Enter all required fields as noted by the asterisks and enter and confirm your password in the fields provided
  6. Select the box labeled By checking this, you agree to comply with the End-UserLicenseAgreement and Terms of Use
  7. Click Finish
  8. UnderAvailable Courses click Sign In
  9. If prompted, Sign into Brightspace
  10. Click Continue
  11. TheTurningPoint web dashboard opens

Next Steps

For more information on using TurningPoint (e.g., adding a course, emailing participants, uploading grades to Brightspace), see Turning Technologies' documentation.

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