Using the Campus Clear Self-Screening Health App (iOS, Android, website)

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Last Updated: January 12, 2021
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Campus Clear is a self-screening app or website you will use to get a fastpass for access on campus. Set up the app and then complete the 10-second screening every day or each time you come to campus:

Download app (or use website screener) and set it up

Complete the Daily Self-screening

Show Results for Campus Access

Download app (or use the website screener) and set it up

  1. Download the iOS or Android app OR on a computer, go to the website screener at
  2. Read through the Welcome to Campus Clear screens and follow the prompts
  3. For I am a..., tap Student, Employee, or Visitor as applicable and tap Next
    I am a... Student
  4. Enter your email address and tap Submit 
    Note, if you are a visitor, you may use any personal email address. To do so, select Visitor, type "Stony Brook University", then complete your registration.
    visitor school selection
    Otherwise, you must use your email address: Not sure what it is? Find it in SOLAR under Security and Personal Data > Email Addresses > Campus Email Address
  5. Check your that email account for an email from the Ivy Team and tap Confirm email
  6. When prompted, tap to return to your app now
  7. If prompted to open CampusClear, tap Open (if the app doesn’t open automatically, go to and reopen the app)
  8. If prompted to allow notifications, tap Allow
    click to allow notifications

Complete Daily Self-screening

  1. Tap Start
  2. Tap to select the icon(s) that represent how you are feeling today
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap See Result
    see result
  4. Your result/fastpass displays. Scroll to view the complete result/message
  5. If you make a mistake and need to re-do your self-screening that same day
    1. Tap main menunear the top-left corner of the result screen
    2. Tap My Account
    3. Tap Logout (or Purge My Info & Delete My Account if you chose the wrong status-Student, Staff, Visitor) 
    4. Repeat from entering your email address or selecting your status as prompted (step 4 or 3 in the above section)

Show Result for Campus Access

  1. To show your fastpass result for access to an area of campus, re-open the app (or revisit the screening website in the same browser you used for the initial screening), and the fastpass result will display*
    (results reset every night, so complete the self-screening again if you don't see a result when you open the app)
  2. Complete the self-screening again the next time you come to campus or if the status doesn't display when you open the app

*If you navigate from the fastpass to a link and can't get back to the fastpass, completely close the CampusClear self-screening app and then re-open it.

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