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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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You can use Blackboard's Record from Webcam   tool to add video to your online course materials.

  1. Log into Blackboard:
  2. You can add a video from any text or description field:
    • This includes (but is not limited to) when adding an Item, creating a Discussion Board Forum, creating a Thread or responding to a Thread, adding a new Content Folder and adding a new Module or Blank Page.
  3. Click on the Record from Webcam button.
    • If you do not see it, click on the chevron to show more tools.
  4. Sign in to the correct account
    • IMPORTANT:  To avoid uploading videos to the wrong Google Account (a personal one vs your sign out if you see it:
    • Otherwise, click the Sign into YouTube button:
    • If you do not see the Sign In to YouTube button, Close[x] this window and then click the Record from Webcam button again.
    • Sign in to your account

      Signing into your account

      Signing into a personal Gmail Account

      At this page type in your stonybrook email address and then click Sign in:

      Then log in at the NetID Single Sign on page.  Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to submit if you do not see the Login button.
      At this page, type in your personal Gmail account username and password. Then click Sign In.
  5. Then click Grant Access:
    • Double-check that you are granting access to the right gmail account by confirming the email address at the top right of this screen.
  6. Next, click Record from Webcam:
  7.  Click Start Recording:
  8. Select Allow and check off Remember and then click Close:
  9.  Next, Youtube will ask you if it is ok to use your webcam.  Click OK.
  10.  If your camera is plugged in, you should see your image right a way.  You may begin speaking.
    • If you see:
    • Make sure your webcam is plugged in and try to reconnect.  Then, Close[x] the screen and open the Record from Webcam
  11.  To end the recording click the Stop Recording button.
  12. Then choose how you want the video to display in Blackboard:
    • Play in Place:  Plays video right in the text or description field.
    • Thumbnail: Display a small image of the video and when clicked by the student opens a larger screen.
  13.  Click Insert to insert the video or thumbnail into the text field.
  14.  Click Submit in Blackboard to finish editing your course.
Want to reuse a video in another Blackboard course?

Follow steps 1-5 and then click the Browse tab.  Choose from among your uploaded videos and click Insert.

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