Using the Batch Processing System

As with most HPC systems, computational tasks are managed through a batch processing system on SeaWulf. Using this model, a batch script is created using any text editor and submitted to a job scheduer which distributes the necessary resources. SeaWulf utilizes Torque for these tasks.

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Submitting Batch Jobs

On all of our HPC systems access to compute nodes and computational resources are managed through a job scheduler. In order to utilize these resources you should first load the shared and Torque modules:

module load shared
module load torque/6.0.2

Loading this module will allow you to submit job scripts, open interactive shells to compute nodes, check the status of jobs, and remove jobs from a queue. 

In short a job script contains all of the information necessary to initialize your environment and run software. These jobs scripts can be submitted after loading the torque module, by using the qsub command:

qsub my_job_script

This will return a line containing the job number that the scheduler has assigned followed by the name of the host:


As listed above, see here for an example job script.

Checking Job Status

After submission you can check the status of your job in the queue using the qstat command. Issuing this command alone will return the status of every job currently managed by the scheduler, as a result we recommend narrowing the results by the user name or job number of interest:

qstat <job_number>


qstat -u <your_username>

Or, for a full list of options available to the qstat command issue:

man qstat

Deleting Jobs and Removing Jobs from the Queue

As in the previously discussed commands, you should first ensure that the Torque module is loaded. Afterwards, jobs for which you are the owner of can be removed from the queue using the qdel command:

qdel <job_number> 


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