Uninstalling Lotus Notes

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

You may need administrative rights on your computer to do this.

Removing the Program

  1. Click Start on your taskbar
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. From the Control Panel window, double click on Add/Remove Programs
  4. Scroll down to select Lotus Notes
  5. Click Remove
  6. Click Yes

An uninstall shield will launch and begin removing the program from your computer. It may bring up a "Removed Shared File?" dialog box. Answer this box by clicking "Yes to All." Another "Remove Shared File?" dialog box may appear. Click Yes . The uninstall shield will complete the operation and tell you that some elements could not be removed. Click OK .

Deleting the Lotus Folder

  1. Click Start on your task bar
  2. Select Search

  3. Click All files and folders
  4. Type the word Lotus in the file name field
  5. Be sure that the Look in location is set to the drive where your Lotus Notes application was installed
  6. Click Search

  7. Right click on the Lotus folder and select Delete

  8. Close this window

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