Understanding the Future of the @sunysb.edu Domain

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

Moving forward, the official Stony Brook University email address will be firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu or firstname.lastname@stonybrookmedicine.edu. Mail that was addressed to other email addresses (@sunysb.edu or @notes.cc.sunysb.edu) will be forwarded for some time, but not forever. As part of Stony Brook's migration to Google Apps for Education, individuals need to begin updating their list of email subscriptions to reflect their firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu email address. It is good practice to inform those colleagues, organizations, research partners, media outlets, listservs, etc. with whom you correspond of the change so that they may update their email distribution lists accordingly. You may want to include a line in your signature that says "Please note my new email address: firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu."

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